You Can Do Greater Things In Christ

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

Think about the fact that God trusts you and loves you so much, that Jesus said you would do greater things.
Eddie Tait


Hi, my name is Eddie Tate. I’m the Associate Leader at Bethel Austin, and I’d like to welcome you to God Today. You know, I was reflecting on my, kind of my life verse, that verse that from the moment I’ve been saved and all through my relationship with God has come up more times than I can say. And I’ve had people prophesy this verse over me before I even knew what prophecy was. I’ve had this first come up in scripture reading more often than I can remember. And it’s just been this consistent vein that God has always brought me back to, it’s almost like He’s making sure that I’m grounded in the truth of this verse over my life. And it’s John 14:12, and it says, “Most assuredly I say to you that he who believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and even greater works than these because I go to be with the Father.” 

You know, there’s something so inviting to that and a little scary. There’s this thought that we can do greater things than Jesus. What does that even mean? And I’ve heard dozens of teachings about what it does and doesn’t mean, and though all of them may have some truth to them, I don’t know if any of them encompass the full truth of that. And it’s beautiful. That’s how the Word of God is, is that it’s, it’s a relational, spoken, Living Word. It changes for you, but it’s always consistent as well. But that verse just really invited me into this idea that Jesus was the standard set. He was the model given, He is my brother and my Lord all at the same time. And I’m able to do the same things that He was doing, but I get to do even more than that. 

There’s something inviting about God saying, I trust you, trust you and who you are and how I designed you to be. God’s saying to every one of you, I trust you to do greater things than Jesus did. Does that mean we do them together? Does that mean we do them individually? Does that mean because of the relationships and contacts that we have, we have a greater influence? Who knows? Yes. And who knows? It’s all true, but there’s something inviting about the mystery of what that verse actually means. 

You know, the mystery of God’s verses, the things that make us continuously seek after truth, and even a simple verse is part of the joy of relationship with God. But there’s something inviting for you today, too. There’s something saying you can do greater things. It was Jesus’s words over all of us. That happens to be the verse that God has kept me in. And it’s kept me in this place of hunger. It’s kept me in this place of seeking out God, what more am I able to do? What more can I attain with this life? What more in relationship with You through Your Holy Spirit, through the people that You’ve put in my path? What more can I do to glorify You? Because Jesus said we would do greater things because He goes to be with the Father. It’s being with the Father that actually allows us to tap into those greater things. We are seated in heavenly places, as well as here on earth. You’re a dual citizen and you can bring both places together. You’ve got access to a Kingdom and all of its resources to bring and demonstrate here on earth. 

So I just wanna encourage you that no matter how you’re feeling about yourself, no matter how you’re feeling your walk with God is, or your relationships with people are no matter where things are. Think about the fact that God trusts you and loves you so much that Jesus said you would do greater things, greater things. That should be just an encouragement and invitation. It’s scary, but it’s exciting as well. 

So Father, I thank You that each one of us have been called to do greater things. Each one of us have been given the promise that we would do what Jesus has done, but even more than that, God, because He is with you, and Father, I pray that every person that’s listening to this, watching this would actually capture that hunger, that desire to actually see those things manifest through their lives. And I bless you right now to walk out the fulfillment of the call of God on your life, in Jesus’ name, Amen.