Different Types Of Healing

Sunday, November 13th, 2022

The real key to this is for you to receive and believe.
Danny McDaniel


Hi, my name is Danny McDaniel.  I am the pastor of Bethel Dallas Church in Lewisville, Texas.  Welcome to God Today. Today I want to visit with you about two types of healing that we see in the Bible.  Now, these are the two major categories that we see. This is meant to inspire you today, to walk out your healing, to chase your healing, to seize your healing.  What I have seen over the years is that many people, especially Christians, come up for prayer at a prayer line, or anything for that matter. They are inspired.  They really believe that based on the word they heard they are going to get healed of cancer, they’re going to get healed of that tumor, they are going to get healed of that tumor, they are going to get healed of that specific sickness or disease.  Then they get prayed for, they are excited and they are going, “Yea, I just feel good, I feel warm, something came over me.” Then they walk away and 5 days later they are calling you and saying, “The symptoms are back. That is still there.” They take that bad news as if something is wrong with them.  Healing is not for them, they didn’t get healed.

What I want to share with you is this.  Jesus said, “Whosoever call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered.”  That comes from the Greek word “Sozo” which means salvation, healing, and deliverance.  So the Word says, “Whosoever call upon the name of the Lord shall be healed.” Jesus talks a lot about healing in the Bible.  There are two major types of healing that we see in the Bible. One is called the “dunamis” power of God. Dunamis coming from a Greek word that means dynamite.  That’s if someone pops out of a wheelchair, blind eyes opened, something instantaneous and measurable. But then, what about all the healings where people go through the process of recovery?  Jesus said in Mark 16, “You lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”  That truly means you will lay hands on the sick and they shall go through the process of recovery.  

Here is the thing.  If you have ever been prayed for to be healed – which I am about to pray for you.  The real key to this is for you to receive and believe. If you believe God and Jesus can heal you, and you receive that, then you hold on to that.  You may be going through the process of recovery. How you deal with that is you remind the enemy, the devil, that he is a liar. “The thief comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy.”  He wants to steal your healing. What you do as a believer is you say, “Devil, you are a liar, in the name of Jesus, I am healed.” So, symptoms are only symptoms. Symptoms are not the specific disease.  

How did I get this revelation?  I got it from the fact that I had been praying for people over and over for months.  Every single person was getting healed, 100% were getting healed. Then one day, my wife and I prayed for a 45-year-old lady who was going in for heart surgery.  We prayed for her and the next day when they cut her chest open, and they were going to do surgery on her heart, they realized her heart was perfect. They sewed her back up and sent her home without heart surgery.  We were just bawling because of what Jesus did. The next thing you know, I had a revelation or an epiphany or whatever you want to call it.  

I am sitting here with an incurable disease that I have had since 1987.  This was 2001. For 14 years, I had been walking with an incurable disease, I am praying for the sick and everybody is getting healed, and I kind of went, “God?  What about me?” He basically spoke to me, I am paraphrasing it, He said, “All you have to do is ask me.” I said, “In Jesus’ name, I am healed in Jesus’ name.” I began to walk out that healing.  That healing didn’t happen instantaneously. I saw that incurable disease that I had, I saw over the next 6 months, that disease get smaller and smaller. It disappeared. I saw the appearance of that disease, the symptoms, and those various things, those increments increased over that 6 months, all the way to just disappearing in 6 months.  So, that’s just my story. There are so many others.

The thing is, you have to realize that if you believe God can heal you, and you receive it, you walk that thing out.  You remind the devil he is a liar. Symptoms are just symptoms. Symptoms are not the disease. You are commanded to keep speaking to that.  Saying, “In Jesus’ name I am healed. In Jesus’ name, I am healed.” That’s not flaky, that’s not weird, that’s not some religious, weird doctrine.  That is the Word of God – you speak to that thing. You speak to that mountain and cause it to be moved and be cast into the sea. If you believe and receive, in Jesus’ name you will be healed.

Here is my prayer for you today.  If there is anything wrong with you physically, and you need healing, I want to pray for you.  Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for people all over the world. If they need a dunamis miracle, an instantaneous miracle today, I pray in the name of Jesus – blind eyes open.  I pray that if someone is lame and they need you to heal them, I pray right now, Father, in the name of Jesus, that you smite them with your love and your power. Heal those limbs, Lord.  Heal what they need to be healed instantaneously. And Father, if there are people that have sicknesses and diseases that need to be eradicated, I pray that you take them through the process of healing, God.  Give them the revelation to trust you through that process and speak the Word. Say, “In Jesus’ name I am healed. Devil, you are a liar. I am not going to receive what you are trying to give me. I am a blood-bought Christian.  Jesus came to take the curse for me according to Galatians 3:13. I am a Son of Abraham and I receive the promises of God.” I pray this prayer for you in Jesus’ name. Amen.