Anointing Oil

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

It is the pressure places we walk in that literally allow the anointing oil to be extracted from us, and begin to be made manifest.
Robert Henderson


Hi, my name is Robert Henderson and I lead Robert Henderson Ministries and Global Reformers, an apostolic family in the earth.  This is God Today. We all hunger for the anointing. The Bible, in fact, says, “We are the anointed of God.” You see, need to understand that God has granted you an anointing from the Holy One, an anointing of the Holy One.  But, I always think about Isaiah 10:27. The Bible says, “It’s the anointing oil that destroys the yoke.” Yokes are that which puts restrictions and controls on us. It literally puts limits on us that are not from God. The Bible says that the anointing oil, “Breaks, destroys those limitations and those realms of control that want to restrict us from what God has called us to.”

The really interesting thing about that scripture in Isaiah 10:27 is the word “oil” there is something that comes out of, for instance, meat when it is cooked.  It is the idea, for instance, of bacon frying in a pan. Because of the heat and the intensity frying the bacon, the grease begins to come out of the bacon. That is the anointing that is being spoken of there.  Whenever you walk through pressures in your life, you need to understand that it can be God extracting from you the anointing of God that is precious. It’s the anointing that breaks the yoke. It is not the anointing you got sitting in Bible school or in seminary.  It is the anointing you got that was released in you, to you, and through you when you have walked through pressurized places.

2 Corinthians 2, Paul says, “He comforted them with the comfort that he received in his tribulation.”  In other words, he said, “I am giving you something I am releasing something to you that I now have because I walked through a hard place.”  Because the pressure literally caused the anointing, the oil that breaks the yoke, that destroys the yoke to come. 

I always think about Samson when I think about this.  Remember when Samson, the Bible says, that he was going about his day and the Philistines came shouting at him.  I love this. It says, “The Philistines shouted at Samson.” It says, “And the Spirit of God came upon him.” You see, the shout of the Philistines actually activated the anointing.  It didn’t cause him to be afraid. It didn’t cause him to be terrified. It literally activated or pulled out of him, the anointing oil that broke the yokes. He grabbed a jawbone and he began to destroy and defeat the Philistines.  It is the pressure places we walk in that literally allow the anointing oil to be extracted from us, and begin to be made manifest.

Every time you walk through a hard place, look for the anointing.  Every time the Philistine comes shouting at you. Please hear me. When he shouts at you, look for the presence – the Spirit of God to come upon you.  That is the anointing oil that breaks the yoke. Father, right now, I want to declare over your people, that wherever they are walking that that place they’re walking through is actually going to release out of them the Holy Spirit, the power of the Spirit, the anointing oil, the grease – if you will – the oil that breaks the yokes of bondage.  It will not allow them to be defeated but will allow them to come into what God has called them to do. They will be more than conquerors through Him that loved them. In the name of Jesus, amen. Lord bless you.