New Year’s Resolutions

Monday, December 26th, 2022

 This New Year’s resolution time should be a year of getting closer with God, and understanding what His Word really says.
Sheila Booth-Alberstadt


Hi, I’m Sheila Booth-Alberstadt, the creator and founder of Maggie McNair’s World.  You are watching God Today.  This New Year’s resolution time should be a year of getting closer with God and understanding what His Word really says.  When you do, you will find that everything in the Bible comes alive. That’s one of the things I think we all lack – that own personal relationship with Him. Not only going to man to find out what the word says, but to really dig deeper for yourself.

I would suggest making this year the best ever yet.  Start digging into the Word of God for yourself. Really taking those scriptures that are really popular, that everybody knows, and starts reading the chapter in full, in context.  Expanding, praying to God that He prunes out what man has taught you, that may be wrong, and put in you what He wants you to know. Ask Him to prune you this year. It hurts, yes, pruning doesn’t feel good, but your relationship will grow.

I want to pray for you for that encouragement.  Father, we thank you for each year that we are blessed to be living and sharing your Word and sharing the Gospel.  This year we ask we grow tighter with you, in a strong relationship, that we have the understanding, the peace, the knowledge, the wisdom that only comes from you, God.  We thank you for every new day we are alive. We ask you to help us keep our eyes focused on you. God, we want to be encouraged through your word and we want to grow and we want to know Jesus like never before.  In His name, we pray, amen.