The Power Of Your Words

Wednesday, December 28th, 2022

I believe that what we speak affects our heart and it affects our lives.
Kate Muguira


Hi, my name is Kate Muguira, and I’m a part of the GOD TV team. Welcome to God Today. Today, I want to talk to you about the power of our words. I think this is such a practical thing that we can bring to our everyday lives; that if we can grasp this, and we can understand this, it will change your life. 

So we see in Proverbs 18:21, where the Word of God says that “life and death are in the power of the tongue.” That means that what we speak can either bring life or it can bring death. There’s like no in between there, with that verse, right? We also see in Luke 6:45, where it talks about the scripture, is “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” So what’s in our heart comes out. But I also believe that the reverse is true, that what we speak affects our heart and it affects our lives. So we can can be going through a hard time or we can be in a relationship with somebody, and what we speak over that thing will either be positive or negative, and it’ll affect that situation, or it will affect that person. And so when we’re going through hard times, we can recognize that, but let’s not sit in it. Let’s take authority and start speaking declarations. There is so much power in declaration. So like, if you are, if you are getting headaches and you say, “Oh, I always get headaches, I always get headaches,” guess what’s going to happen? You’re going to keep getting headaches. If you are in your marriage, you’re going through a hard time right now, and you just speak negatively about your husband or your wife. “They don’t do this. And they always do that and they never do this.” Guess what’s going to happen? They’re always going to do this and they’re never going to do that. It’s going to keep continuing the cycle. 

But guess what? With the power of your words, you can break that. Instead, you can speak positively and the things that you want to see in life, you get to speak. I actually have experienced this firsthand. I was working at a job and I would say, I hated it. Oh, I would. I would say, “I hate this job. I hate this.”  I just hated it so much. And the Lord told me, He said, “Hey, what if, instead of saying, you hate it, you said you loved it?” And I’ll be honest, I did not want to say I loved it, ‘cause I didn’t. I knew the power of words. And I knew that if I said I loved it, I would end up loving the job. So I did this: I obeyed. A little bit hesitantly, but I obeyed, and every time I would feel I hate my job, I would say, instead, “I love my job.” And I would say it until I felt that feeling of like frustration or anger or like I hate my job leave out of me. And I would say, “I love my job. I love my job. I love my job,”  and I even put a post-it note or I would remind myself in my phone to say those things to speak back instead. And it’s not just about thinking it’s about speaking. You’ve got to speak it. And so, I would say, “I love my job.”  Hey guys, guess what? A month later, somebody came to me in the same, it was a great company, but I just didn’t like what I was doing. So this person from another team that I actually wanted to work for, came up to me and was like, “Hey, we’re hiring for this position. Do you want to apply? You would get it.” And I was like, the Lord has these blessings for us. He has a great marriage for you. He has healing for you, but sometimes we need to align our words with the truth and we need to align our words with the power of God. 

And so what is that in your life? Ask the Holy Spirit if there’s something that you’ve been speaking death instead of life over do it right now, He’s going to show you. And sometimes it just takes an alignment of your words. If you’re speaking negatively, remember it is going to stay that way. But if you speak positively and you speak the truth, you’re going to see that come to life. So I want to encourage you with that today. Speak life, ask Him what are those areas in your life that you can, and then you can even ask Him what to speak over it. Ask Him for a scripture verse, ask Him for one line that you can speak every day and you can put on a post-it on your mirror. 

So I just want to pray for you! Lord, I just pray right now, anybody who is going through a hard time or are wanting to see fruit in their life rather than negative things in their life,  I just pray right now for their relationships, that they will speak positively. They will speak life over their relationship. I just pray right now over their job, over their finances, over whatever it is that they are walking through and praying for. I just pray that You give us the words to speak life and life abundantly in Jesus’ Name, Amen.