You’re Not Too Young Or Old

Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

It doesn't matter if you're young or if you're old, because when God is in it, you're gonna win it.
Lindy-Ann Hopley


I want to encourage you today, because you know, sometimes we believe the lie that we’re too young or we’re too old. I want to tell you, you’re never too young and you’re never too old for God to crash in. Two fun testimonies to encourage you, especially if you’re thinking, “Hmm, am I the right age? Is it God’s timing to receive a miracle?”

I remember I was in Portland, Oregon in America, and literally there was a two year old child who was mute. Couldn’t speak. The parents pulled me aside, asked me to pray. And that night in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, that two year old started speaking for the very first time! Hallelujah! But not just that. Fast forward, there was a lady, 81 years old. She was completely deaf in both of her ears. And as I started praying over the audience, God started moving and I started hearing a shout out of my right corner. And I thought to myself, oh my gosh, what’s happening over there? It was this 81 year old lady. She jumped out. She took her hearing aids out, running and shouting, “I can hear you now!” Now she was totally healed supernaturally. And whether it’s for freedom, whether it’s for healing. I met a lady, I think she’s in her nineties, she said, “Lindy, I’m starting my ministry.” You are never too young.

I have seen four year olds with me in the prayer line that I’ve learned up and said, you’re praying for those people, I’m praying for these. And four people got healed, that a four year old boy prayed for! Man, God loves you where you’re at. All He needs is your “yes.”  Be encouraged with that. This is your day to rocket off into the next season the Lord has for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or if you’re old, because when God is in it, you’re gonna win it. Amen?

So I’m going to bless you with that. If you want to just step into that revelation right now, just put your hand on your heart and let’s pray this together. Say, “Father,” I think you should just repeat after me, say, “Father, I believe that this is the day that you have made, and I will rejoice and I will be glad in it, ’cause I’m not too young and I’m not too old. This is the time that I’ve been created to do great things for your Kingdom.” So Lord, I bless everyone that’s watching right now. I thank you for courage, for faith to know that you are for them, you are with them, and nothing is impossible with God. Amen and amen.