Steward The Voice Of God

Saturday, January 28th, 2023

“O King this is the dream I had and this is its record.”
Brian Guerin


Hey, I’m Brian Guerin with Bridal Glory International and welcome to God Today. One of the recent devotionals I did with you was on dreams and visions and how God so powerfully speaks through and in and upon you, His bride, in this manner.

Well hedging off of that, I want to talk to you briefly about stewarding the voice of God. It is really paramount. You see in 1 Corinthians Chapter 4, Paul writes and says we are to regard ourselves as servants of Christ, but also stewards of the mysteries of God.  And you see in Habakkuk 2, God tells Habakkuk, He says, “Write down clearly upon tablets what I reveal to you that way this message can be made clear.”  And in Daniel Chapter 7, Daniel goes to the king he says “O King, this is the dream I had and this is its record.”

So, I want to just emphasize to you guys with dreams and visions, it’s really paramount to steward God’s voice so these things can increase. Anything on the eternal aspect of God’s voice and nature, that you steward will always increase in your life. So it’s simple and just even as a journal, a lot of us don’t realize this, but scripture alone is the journaling and logging of God’s voice and movements throughout the ages. And so take a journal, and even a voice recorder for dreams in the night how God will speak to you, and I want to encourage you to begin to log God’s movement and voice and ways in your life and you’ll begin to understand. The Spirit of wisdom and revelation will come upon you in the knowledge of what He’s saying. And also these ways will increase, and you’ll see it really expound upon your life. God will begin to use you to see clear direction in your life, but also for others and it will really open up a new aspect of knowing God and walking with Him in daily life.

Bless you guys.