Only God Satisfies

Thursday, February 9th, 2023

When you drink of Him, you find all the satisfaction you need.
Eric Gilmour


Hello God TV.  I am Eric Gilmour from Sonship International.  David says something very unique in Psalm 63. He says three things in progression that I believe are a key for you and for me.  He says, “I thirst for you.” Then he says, “I am satisfied with you.” Then he says, “I cling to you.” I believe this is the progression of abiding in God. Abiding in Christ is clinging to Him. What David is showing us is that as we thirst for Him, what does “thirst” even mean? It means that I know that I am deeply in need of you.  This thirst inside of the soul gives birth to satisfaction in the soul. As the soul thirsts for God, God responds to that soul by giving Himself to it as a drink. When you drink of Him, you find all the satisfaction you need.

To quote John Piper, he said, “Sin is what we do when we are not satisfied with God.”  Holiness is a satisfaction issue. Many people are going here and there and looking for this and that to be able to satisfy their souls, not knowing that if they would just touch that inward bankruptcy and recognition that we are deeply in need of Him, then they would be able to touch the satisfaction of the soul.  God responds to hunger and thirst with the gift of Himself. This gift of Himself is the only thing that satisfies the soul.

What this satisfaction will produce is a life that clings to Him.  You know what clinging is? All you would have to do is throw a cat into a pool and you would get a good image of what clinging is.  We abide by clinging and we cling to abide. I pray for you right now, that you would in the depths of your heart recognize that there is nothing that would satisfy you but Him.  I pray for a deeper recognition of it so that you might find a deeper satisfaction. Only through satisfaction will we know really what it is to cling to Him. God bless you.