Looking For Jesus

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Jesus knew his name and when He reached the spot, He spoke directly into the man’s life.
Reggie Dabbs


Hello GOD TV family and friends, it’s good to be with you again. My name is Reggie Dabbs. Let’s go to the Book of Luke. In the Book of Luke, there was a man who just wanted to see who Jesus was. The Bible says that he could not see over the crowd because he wasn’t that tall. But, even worse, the Bible says he was a tax collector and he was very rich. So let’s break this down.

You have a guy who’s rich and he takes your money and he is short. He’s not going to have many friends. That’s probably why the Bible says he couldn’t see over the crowd. He knew where Jesus was going, so he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree. You have got to like a brother who will never give up. Because, you would think that the crowd would say, “You don’t deserve to see Jesus, you steal our money, you’ve made us poor,” but instead the man found a way.

What’s even better is verse 5. If you look at Luke 19:5, the Bible says, “When Jesus reached the spot, He looked up at the tree and said, ‘Zacchaeus, come down, I am coming to your house today.'”  Jesus knew his name and when He reached the spot, He spoke directly into the man’s life.

I believe everyone has a spot, everyone has a moment, it doesn’t take a lot of time, even just a little segment like this where you are going through the remote and you stopped to hear me say, “This is your spot, this is your moment, this is when Jesus looks up into your hurt, your pain, your sorrow, your life and says, “I am coming to your house today!”

Hey, don’t say “No.”  Don’t say, “You’re not worth it.”  A lot of people ask, “Why me?” No, that’s not the question. Today you need to say, “Why not me?”

So pray with me. Jesus, I accept your invitation for you to come into my life and help me. Jesus, I love you and I need you and thank you for this day. Thank you that you know my name and that this is my spot.