You’ve Been Given Authority Over the Earth

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

Storms are actually made by God to water the earth. So we speak to them with honor, but we command them to line up with the Kingdom of God.
Janet Keller Richards


I want to share today about the authority that we have as a son or a daughter over weather.  Adam and Eve, when God created them, God said to them, “Rule over the fish of the sea, rule over the birds of the air, rule over the vegetation.” He gave them full authority over the earth. And in Psalm 115:16, it says, “The heavens belong to the LORD, but He has given the earth to humanity.”

So I was in prayer a few years ago, I think probably seven or eight now, on June 3rd.  And the reason I remember the date is that I wrote it down in my journal afterward. I was in prayer, and suddenly I just sensed Father God was with me.  I saw myself with Him standing on the coast of Florida, and I knew that He wanted me to ask why we’re there. So I just said, “Why are we here?” And He said, “Because I want you to pray over the hurricane season.”  So I said, “How do I pray?” And He said, “The enemy wants to use the hurricane season to steal, kill, and destroy, and I want you to establish my Kingship.”  So, when He said that, I saw the image of like a rope tied to the demonic, tying the hurricane season to the demonic. And so I just took it in the spirit, I said, “In the name of Jesus, I cut that rope, that tie of the demonic to the hurricane season, and I declare that it belongs to Jesus and that Jesus is Lord over the hurricane season. I attach it in the spirit to the Kingdom of God and I declare Jesus is Lord, and that the hurricane season will bow its knee to the Kingdom of God and to Jesus Christ.”

So I finished my prayer time that day and I just forgot all about it, didn’t think more about it.  And that fall in September, I was reading a newspaper online and I saw an article that said what was supposed to have been a horrendous hurricane season, ended up being a dud.  And the article went on to say that there had not been any hurricane seasons to date from June to September. And I just realized, wow, we really do have authority over the earth!

So I want to encourage you, if you’re hearing that, that you have authority in the spirit and that we have authority in the spirit over the earth. Right now, there’s a drought in many parts of the world, and so I encourage those of you who have it in your heart and you’re hearing this, encourage you to maybe get with others and to begin praying and calling for God to be Lord of the weather.

John Sanford of Elijah House speaks about not speaking to storms and weather in anger or commanding them, but recognizing that they are made by God. Storms are actually made by God to water the earth. So we speak to them with honor, but we command them to line up with the Kingdom of God. So we call for them to release the rain without destruction, without stealing, without destroying.

So bless you as one who is a responsible kingdom-of-God son or daughter over the earth. Let me pray for you. God, for those who are hearing this and sense “that’s me, I want to do that,”  I ask for your anointing over them. I ask you to give them like-minded intercessors to pray with them. And I ask, Lord, that you would reveal to them the ways of the Kingdom in praying over the weather patterns and bless them in their intercessions, and give them courage and faith in your name, Jesus. Amen.