Forgiveness Is A Lifestyle

Friday, October 6th, 2023

Forgiveness is not a one-time event, it's actually a lifestyle lived.
Sterling Harris


Today, I want to encourage you to live a lifestyle of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not a one-time event, it’s actually a lifestyle lived. It’s a continual process of living as a forgiver. And practically, how do you do that within your mind and your heart?

So what I teach and I live is what I call an unforgiveness purge.  I do this sometimes multiple times a day, but definitely on a weekly and monthly basis, is I say, “Holy Spirit, bring to my heart what I need to let go of and what I need to forgive.” And so many times God will bring a person’s face to my mind. He’ll bring a scene of something that happened to my mind. He might show me how I was scrolling over Facebook and was like, why is their life more blessed than mine? Which is also offensive against God. So you have to release that over to Him as well. And it’s how to practically forgive yourself, God, and others. Maybe He brings your boss’s face to your mind, or a coworker or somebody at school, or maybe even the school, or a political view or something like that. You’ll be so surprised at the things that God brings to your mind.

I just want to encourage you, don’t argue with God. I say that jokingly, but it’s so true. There’s so many times that I’ve told God, you know, “God, I dealt with that.”  Or you second guess yourself where you’re thinking, well, I’m not hearing God, I’m just thinking that myself. Just trust the process. Trust that you’re inviting the Holy Spirit to show you things that you need to release and let go of and release forgiveness over.

So what does that look like? He brings a person’s face to your mind. You say, “God, I just release that situation. I release that person. I release that company. I release whatever it is. I release that over to you, God, and I receive your forgiveness. Holy Spirit, cleanse my heart of that offense. Cleanse my heart of the things that you’re showing me,”  and then just receive God’s love. Receive God’s infilling. And then as those things get flushed out, ask God, “God, what do you want to give me in place of what I just gave you? All that stuff that you just brought up in my heart, Holy Spirit, what do you want to give me in place of that?” And maybe you’ll see the word joy in your mind or you’ll get an overwhelming sense of peace, like God wants to give you this peace. Just receive that by faith. You say, “God, I receive your peace. I receive your joy. I receive your forgiveness.”  And begin to fill yourself back up, because you just emptied yourself out through the power of the Holy Spirit.

So I want to pray with you. Jesus, I just thank you so much for your Holy Spirit. I thank you that the people watching this will shift their mind into living as a forgiver. They’ll be quick to repent, quick to forgive, and quick to love. God, I just release an anointing to forgive even in hard situations over anyone watching this, and ask that you just touch their heart, God, that you would do a supernatural work in their hearts, God, even if it’s a hard. I sense that there’s some people that have some hard things that they just don’t wanna let go and forgive. Just as an act of faith, touch your heart and say, “Holy Spirit, release me. God, I release by faith,” even if you don’t feel like it,  “I release by faith forgiveness over that person, over that area of my life, in Jesus’ name, Amen.” I just wanna encourage you that Jesus loves you, He cares about you, and have a great day and live as a forgiver.