Bringing Glory To God

Monday, December 11th, 2023

In my spirit, I asked God, “What brings glory to you?” I felt Him begin to answer me.
Sonny Jaynes


Hello, my name is Sonny Jaynes.  I want to welcome you to God Today.  I have been in the ministry for over 40 years. I want to share something with you that God showed me while sitting in a service years ago, concerning what brings glory to God. I was listening to a visiting preacher who mentioned bringing glory to God. In my spirit, I asked God, “What brings glory to you?” I felt Him begin to answer me. I took out my pen and began to write exactly what I felt the Spirit saying to me. I would like to read that to you exactly how He spoke it to me.

He said, “My glory is manifested through a display of His character and reputation and represented in the life of those who are born again through the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ. This can only be done through an infilling of power and grace from the Holy Spirit.”

The power of God fell in the Upper Room in the day of Pentecost. Those that received that power became witnesses or mortars to display the same strength of character that was demonstrated by Jesus Christ.  

If you are listening today, let me ask you, has God given you that strength you need to display His character? Perhaps you are like I have been for many years, facing many failures. But, God showed me that man is not a failure when he fails. He is a failure when he quits. If that is you, I want to pray for you to have the grace from the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh anointing to keep fighting the good fight of faith and become all that God intended you to be in Jesus’ name. Amen.