Opening Our Treasuries

Monday, December 25th, 2023

When we bring which is most valuable to us...we are bringing to Jesus the worship that He is worthy of.
Robert Henderson


Hello, I’m Robert Henderson and this is God Today.  You know, we’re in the Christmas season and it’s such a wonderful, really blessed time of the year.  But, I’m reminded of Matthew chapter 2, verse 11, where the wise men (we all hear about them) that they came to Jesus.  It doesn’t say there was three, in fact, there was probably many of them.  But here’s what it says, “They opened their treasuries and presented to Him gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” In other words, they didn’t just bring some little trinket, if you will, the Bible says they opened their treasuries.  

I want to challenge us in this season to really open our treasuries.  Open what is valuable to us, open what is precious to us.  I’m not just talking about finances even though that is important, too.  Because it takes finances to be able to accomplish the purposes of God on the earth – literally that’s the heart of God.  In fact, a really wise man said this: if we are going to see reformation coming to the earth then we’re going to have to realize that finances is the engine that drives reformation.  In other words, we need the finances, the wealth of God to be able to be released so that the purposes of God can be seen on the earth.  Not just multitudes saved, but actually, culture shifted into the divine order that God has intended.  

Listen, what does that mean?  That means we are going to have to open our treasuries – even in the financial realm, and say, “God, we’re going to bring you the best, we’re going to bring you the first, we’re going to bring that even which is most valuable to us because you’re worthy of it.”  You see, we need to understand that “worship” the root of it means “to esteem something as being worthy”.  And so, when we open our treasuries, when we bring our finances, when we bring which is most valuable to us, when we open it up and we begin to release it, we are bringing to Jesus the worship that He is worthy of and honoring Him in this Christmas season.  He is so blessed, He is so glorious, He is so worthy.  Lord bless you this year as you honor Him at Christmastime.