Nature and Creation

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024

You can hear the voice of God as you go for a walk, or as you just sit and ponder something beautiful in creation, because the Lord is there.
Carl Wesley Anderson


Hello, I’m Carl Wesley Anderson. I’m both an equipping evangelist and documentary filmmaker from Born To Blaze Ministries, coming to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Special greetings now to our God Today audience. Isn’t this an exciting day?! And it’s so exciting because no matter where you live in the world, there is nature and creation outside your door, and the Father of creation is ready to meet you today as you go out into His creation and speak His love to you. I want to talk to you about how the Lord speaks to us through nature and creation today. I’m just going to define this for you in Love Speaks: “God our Father speaks in many outward ways every day, indirectly through all of His nature and creation.” You say, “Does He really?” Yes, He does. 

Romans one speaks about this, even God hiding within creation, His attributes. So Paul is writing here, he says in Romans 1, “For since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes, his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen through all that he has made.”  Now here’s the key: you and I have the Holy Spirit to clearly see the Lord, to clearly hear His voice in nature and creation, we need to have the Holy Spirit. That’s what sets us apart from every other person out there who’s a pantheist or maybe out worshiping nature. We don’t worship nature. No, no. We enjoy nature while we worship the God of creation, who created the nature. That’s the difference. We also have the Holy Spirit. So what I want to say to you today is as you activate your faith, you can hear the voice of God as you go for a walk or as you just sit and ponder something beautiful in creation, because the Lord is there. I like to say this is the Father’s way of speaking. If we look at the Trinity, the Father most often speaks indirectly. Why? Because He wants us to chase after Him in love. So He is speaking today through His creation for you.

Let me share a very powerful and personal story with you. I have been battling cancer and I went through a four and a half year very serious battle with it. And I’m on the other side now, so praise God! Y’all can praise God with me. I’m in full remission. Or as we’ll say, I’m healed in Jesus’ Name. But as I was going through the very darkest of days, I remember I was facing a very particular operation where they were going to remove cancer. And there could be some serious side effects from this, and I was like, “Father, are you going to be with me? I need to know.” And I happened to be taking a stroll upon a lake. There’s many lakes here in Minnesota. And as I strolled upon the lake, the Lord said, “Pick up that rock.” So I bent down and I picked up this exact rock that I’m holding right now in my hands. You can see it here. Uh, this rock, if you look at it, it has some attributes to it. It’s solid. It’s firm. What else would you call a rock? Well, you’d call it long lasting. It’s been here a long time. It’ll be here a long time after I’m gone. And it’s also shaped in the shape of a heart. So as I picked up this rock, the Lord, He said, “Hold it in your hand,” and then He gave me that Psalm verse one from Psalm 18: “I will love you O Lord my strength. The Lord is my rock. The Lord is my fortress. The Lord is my high tower.” And He said to me, “Carl, every time you’re facing a battle and the enemy is trying to come against you with thoughts of doubt, remember this day, remember the rock, grip it and hold it. Remember I am firm I’m long-lasting. I’m eternal. My love for you is real. It’s in the shape of a heart. Hold the heart, my heart and your hand. And also know from Isaiah that I am holding you in the palm of my hand.” Wow!

Brothers and sisters, I, I’m just gonna cry because this is real. No matter what you’re going through today, the promise of God is He will go with you. His presence is with you in all of creation. Will you just activate your faith to begin to experience, begin to experience the love of God in creation. Let me pray for you. Father in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray for every person watching this around the world, that they would begin to experience and activate their faith to know your love in nature and creation today. Father, make known your attributes to them today. Make known your voice. I pray an activation of your voice as they seek you in nature and creation and come to understand your love in a fresh way. And I pray this for you all now in Jesus’ Name, Amen.