How To Have the Mind of Christ

Sunday, May 12th, 2024

He lives inside of you, which means sometimes His thoughts sound like your thoughts, but they're way wiser.
Shawn Bolz


Hi, I’m Shawn Bolz with Bolz Ministries, and this is God Today. I want to encourage you that if you’ve ever had a relationship where you knew what the person was thinking before they even spoke, this is the kind of relationship you can have with God.

In 1 Kings 3, Solomon was asked by God, “What would you want from Me?” And instead of asking for riches, or instead of asking for all kinds of other things, he asked for a word that a lot of times we interpret as wisdom or discernment, but the word was actually Shema – which in Hebrew means, “I want your processor. I want to think the way you think.” This is an amazing thought because Solomon was the first person in history who said, “I want to process like you do.”

Right now in the life coaching world, we pay people millions, if not billions, of dollars, who are athletes, who are successful entrepreneurs, who are these kinds of people, because we want to know and be let in on their process. Well, the Bible says we have the mind of Christ. That means that as we’re thinking about our everyday decisions, the beautiful thing is you get to think with God, meaning He’ll actually impart His thoughts and the way He thinks about things inside of your spirit. And it’ll change your options. It’ll change your decisions.

Many of us, when we pray for things, we might have a second commandment devotional list. I pray for my grandma to get healed, or I pray for the decisions I have to make. But have you ever sat down and done listening prayer? And said, “God, here are the decisions I have to make. Here’s what I’m dreaming of. Here’s what I’m conceptualizing. What do you think about it?” God can’t wait to step in through the Holy Spirit and actually reason with you and help you to figure out how to get into your lane. How to think the highest thoughts for your life.

I’m going to pray for you in just a second. And I believe that God’s going to show you how to have that overlap between Heaven and earth, His mind and your mind. It’s not just that He’s a friend out there – He’s actually overlapping because He lives inside of you, which means sometimes His thoughts sound like your thoughts, but they’re way wiser.

There’s a way we can learn how to distinguish Him from us, and it’s basically through the Scriptures. I’m going to encourage you as you’re making decisions, do listening prayer, and then read Proverbs. Read Psalms. Read Scriptures that fill you with that faith, that fill you with that wisdom so you can not only make a good decision, but you’ll make the best decision.

Holy Spirit, I pray that we can have Your mind. Jesus, we want to think the way You think, and Father, we want to have the processor that You have and every decision You’re making like Solomon did. Thank you that it pleased You so much that Solomon asked for this. We ask for this too today and we pray that You would give it to us generously, in Jesus’ Name.