Thursday, June 6th, 2024

Sometimes the key to your victory is just to hang in there. Keep doing it.
Dutch Sheets


Hi, Dutch Sheets here and welcome to God Today. I want to encourage you today on the subject of perseverance. The longer I live, the more I understand it’s one of the strongest and most important fruits of the Holy Spirit.

When I was a young Christian just learning to intercede, God assigned me to pray for a girl in a coma. She’d been in a coma for a year and a half; she was basically a vegetable. Her brain was completely destroyed, she was fed through a tube in her stomach, would breathe through a trach in her throat. God said, “I want you to go pray for her.” I did. Nothing happened. God said, “I want you to go every week and pray for her until I restore her.”

Doctor’s said it was impossible, “She’s a vegetable, she’ll never recover.” I went every week for a year, at least once a week, and prayed over this girl for an hour. It was tough, sometimes I wavered. I said, “Lord, are you sure you’re telling me do this?”  He said, “I want you to pray for until she’s healed.”

And after a year, one day Jesus walked in the room and raised her up and gave her a new brain and totally healed this little girl. Sometimes the key to your victory is just to hang in there. Keep doing it. It’s through faith and patience we inherit His promises.

Lord, I pray for my brothers and sisters today. Some of them have been plowing for a long time, some of them have been standing for a long time, asking you for a long time, holding out for that family member for a long time. Lord, I pray that the fruit of endurance, perseverance, would be alive in them and that they would have the tenacity to hang in there and just keep believing. I pray that over them and I put strength, in them in Jesus’ Name. God Bless You.