Hope for Unsaved Family Members

Saturday, June 15th, 2024

If you only do one thing, but love them well, I just want to encourage you that it is going to pay off and that they will see salvation.
Brittany Thompson


Hi, my name is Brittany Thompson, and I’m one of the contributors here at Relentless Woman with God TV. I want to give you a hopeful message today. I have two brothers right now that are not walking with the Lord, and I know how difficult it is for me to, one connect with them, and number two, continue to have faith and hope, knowing that one day they will actually enter into relationship with God. It can be so discouraging to feel like it’s never going to happen and to pray for them for years and never see the power of God impact their life. But I want to just encourage you with this little testimony.

My brother has been not walking with the Lord for about two years now. And the Lord has been divinely setting up friendships in his life with people that are very strong Christians. And these are some of his best friends. The people that he calls, the people that he talks to every day, the people that he loves deeply in his life and they are all Christians. And it is so funny to watch the Lord have His, you know, He’s a little bit “Jehovah sneaky” sometimes. So to watch Him sneak these people into my brother’s life as a testimony. My husband and I were visiting my brother recently, and my brother began to actually ask my husband some questions about, “Why do you go to church? Why do you believe what you believe? How can I connect more with the story that you have with the Lord? What can I learn from what your relationship with God is like?” And it was so amazing, and it felt so miraculous to actually be asked those questions for the first time in a very long time by my brother. And so I just want to encourage you that if you make yourself available, if you give to your family out of love, if you are a safe space for them, and if you only do one thing, but love them well, I just want to encourage you that it is going to pay off and that they will see salvation.

That is the promise of God over your life, is that He loves your family members just as much, actually more than you do, and He has a divine plan and divine purpose for their life. Don’t lose hope. Don’t grow weary in doing well, and don’t grow weary in praying for them. You may be the only person that’s praying for them to actually know the Lord in their life. So don’t give up, keep going. And I just want to encourage you, God has good, amazing, and awesome plans for you and for your family.

Let’s pray. God, I thank you that just like the prodigal son, that you woo us with your love, and that none of us, none of us is beyond your reach. And God, I thank you that there is no place that we can run and no place that we can hide from your presence. We declare today that there will be salvations and encounters with God over our family members that do not yet know you, or maybe they know you, but they’re not walking with you in the way that they should be. God, we thank you that you can show up in any circumstance, and however you want to. I thank you that you’re beyond borders and you’re beyond rules. And we just pray today that you would encounter our family members as they go throughout their day, God, that you would actually show up in their day, you would show up in their moments, and that you would show them what a real God of love looks like, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.