A Brand New Past

Saturday, June 29th, 2024

When you are in Christ, you don't just get a new future, but you also get a new past.
Reward Sibanda


Hello, this is Reward Sibanda with The Upper Room, and welcome to God Today. I want to share something with you to some people that I know are struggling with their past. And it’s one statement which I heard, and it just blew my mind, because I feel like it is the epitome of the Gospel. And here’s what it says. It says, when you come to Christ, when you get your sins forgiven, when you are in Christ, you don’t get, just get a new future, but you also get a new past, that’s right, you don’t just get a new future, you get a new past. 

The very things that defined you before lose instantly and instantaneously lose the power to define you, because you have gotten as well as a new future, you’ve got a new past. So I want to speak to someone today, to where every, every single time you try, to take a step forward, the enemy through the people that used to know you, calls you by the things that you don’t do anymore. And I want to tell you right now that you do not have to listen to those things anymore. Brother, you have a brand new past. Sister, you have a brand new past, and I want you to walk in the confidence that what you were you no longer are. 

And the only thing that defines you, the only thing that has the right to call you by your name is the blood bought future that Jesus died to give you, so walk in the confidence, not just of that new future, but of that new past.

Father, I just come before You and I bless my friends, who are all watching today. And I declare that the power of their past is broken in the Name of Jesus. And from today onwards, they have the grit, the guts, and the gumption to not answer to the things that defined them, but to know that they have a new future and a new past in You. I bless them in the Name of Jesus and I thank You that they walk victoriously with God today.