“How Every Busy Parent Can Start Their Day Off Right…”

And Feel Energized At The End Of A Long Day… In As Little As 5-Minutes A Day!

Play this 20 second video to see what Bill Johnson has to say about God Today. And the impact it can have on your life.

Hey there, friend

Are you tired?

Tired of feeling drained at the end of the day?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed,

anxious or afraid?

You know something needs to change…

You know you need to take time to strengthen your spirit…

You want to take time with God…

And start your day off right.

But the day flies by…

Bill Johnson

“God Today is certain to bring great strength and encouragement into each of our lives. I encourage you to follow along.”

You Get Bombarded…

You need to make breakfast…

Help the kids with schoolwork…

Get your work done…

While you try to hold it all together…

During a time filled with so much uncertainty.

You’re exhausted…

You’re feeling drained…

And you’re ready for change!


“God Today is a unique opportunity for the body of Christ to grow closer to God in unity each day. I’ve never quite seen anything on the web that is this powerful.”

You Know You Need To…

Get your heart and mindset right before the day gets going…

Feed your thirsty soul…

You know you need it…

You know your family needs it…

You know you would have more peace…

More patient with your kiddos…

If you started your day with God’s Word…

If you were able to be encouraged…

If you were able to feed your soul…

So you’d have the strength to take on whatever comes. 

So now what?

J. John

“God Today is a wonderful daily inspirational video to infuse faith, hope and love into our lives. I am a subscriber!”

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Now Is The Time To Check Out

God Today

We designed this just for you!

Get curated messages sent directly to your device every morning…

That way all you need to do is press play…

So you can start your day by listening to a much needed encouraging message…

While you’re making breakfast…

or folding laundry…

Think about how nice that would be…

To take just 5minutes to feed your soul…

To start your day off right!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

When you’re ready to start your day off right, we’re here for you!


A Couple’s Story

“This is a wonderful way for husband and wife to be on the same team spiritually.  I was getting great training in Spirit led conferences, and my husband worked at a secular job which was demanding in time (Head of Research).   Now we are able to share wonderful truths.  The 2 to 5-minute videos are perfect for helping marriages grow spiritually.   Since we have been watching God Today, I can now say,  ‘We are on the same page spiritually!'”

-Ellen S.

Only Available Here

Daily Videos Only Available On God Today… And it costs $7/month… the same as going out for a cup of coffee.

Daily Videos

ONLY Available on God Today & Can Be Streamed On Any Device

“Just what I need to get my day started off right.”

“I have been receiving the God Today messages almost from the beginning. Since they come in overnight; I am able to start my day with a quick word of encouragement and challenge. And almost every day; it is just what I need to get my day started off right.

-Rich M. 

How It Works


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If all this did was help you start your day off right wouldn’t it be worth $7/month?

If you’re fed up with feeling drained, anxious and overwhelmed with everything going on in the world… It’s time to start feeding your soul. It’s time to give yourself the gift of taking 3-5 mintues a day to be encouraged. To receive a word of faith that will enfuse your spirit with strength. If all God Today did for you was give you a little encouragement and strength each day wouldn’t that be worth $7/month? Heck yeah it would! Right? 

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