Spiritual Joy-fare Part 2

Monday, July 24th, 2017

when you encounter demonic influence the joy of the Lord has to be your strength
Bill Vanderbush


Hi this is Bill Vanderbush from GOD TV and welcome to God Today. I want to talk to you about spiritual ‘joyfare’, again. Now I mention this in the last time I talk to you but I didn’t mention what I meant by ‘joyfare’. See here is what I’ve come to discover and that is this: demons hate joy. Now demons are still real ont his side of the cross as part of the finished work; Acts Chapter 15 Paul and Silas actually have an encounter with somebody who is demoned possessed. This girl is following them along saying “these men are servants of the Most High God” being their marketing person. The problem with that is that she’s filled with a demonic presence. And what do they do? They turn and cast it out. But here is the important part, it’s not their first order of business. It says “she continued this for many days, only did it get annoying did they turn around and make it a priority.”

Now why didn’t they prioritize it before? Because the priority was to preach the gospel.

Now when you’re going to encounter demonic influence, the joy of the Lord has to be your strength. I have never yet seen a demon possessed person who likes joy. Demon possessed people hate joy and so do a lot of religious people.

So when you gather together with the body of Christ just get happy. Makes it easier for us to tell you and the demon possessed people apart.

I hope this time isn’t too frivolous for you today. I try to be as serious as I can but when we talk about joy I just get happy.

So that would be my prayer for you today is that the joy of the Lord would just infuse you with a fresh revelation of just how strong you are in Him and in the power of His might. And that that armor is on you, it already is. Isaiah 59 says that “he put it on himself”. God says “I put on the helmet of salvation, I put on the breastplate of righteousness.” How to you get the armor on? You’re in Christ. He’s filled with armor for you. You’re as strong as you need to be and you’re fully equipped to encounter every battle you encounter today knowing you already have the victory at hand.

So what I pray today is that you would just fill every person watching this today with a fresh revelation of how strong they are in You. In Jesus’ name. God Bless you.