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Thursday, August 24th, 2017Josh Baldwin

Our Identity In Christ


Hi, this is Josh Baldwin, welcome to God Today. So, finding our identity in God is so key and so important, and I think about with my own children and how it’s so important for them, every time my daughter gets a new dress, the first thing she does is comes and shows me her dress. She wants me to just tell her how beautiful she is and it’s in that Father’s love for her that she even finds out who she is. And, it’s so important. 

I think when John the Baptist was baptizing Jesus and I just love that picture as Jesus comes out of the water and you hear the Father say, “This is my son in who I am well pleased”. And, that’s just what He’s doing, He is speaking that over you. Whenever you have those lies that come into you, that the enemy tries to tell you and say that you are not His, that you are not loved. And it’s so important, so key to remember the Father actually is so pleased with you. He loves you. You are His creation. He formed you. You have been made in His image and He loves you.

So I just want to pray for you today. For anyone who is struggling with that. Lord we just pray that You would help us to realize that our identity is found in You, that You are our Father and You are so pleased with us and we just thank You for your love and thank You for your heart for us. In Jesus Name, Amen.