Thanksgiving & Joy

Saturday, May 6th, 2023

It's so important that we keep our thankful heart and keep a joyful heart, and to focus on those things.
Josh Baldwin


Hi, I’m Josh Baldwin with Bethel Music and welcome to God Today. So talking about Thanksgiving and joy and how it’s so important to hold on to those daily. The one thing is that the enemy, it says in John 10:10 that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. And Jesus has come to give us life more abundant.

And I find that so many times when I find that my joy is being stolen away is when I’m comparing, when I’m looking at things that maybe aren’t what I’d want them to be at that moment. When I have these dreams and these hopes and they don’t seem, where my current situation right now isn’t where I’m feeling like where I want it to be or what the Lord has for me. And it’s so important to return to thankfulness, to return to goodness. And to be thankful and to keep your eyes on the goodness of the Lord and remember what He’s done for us, and to hold on to that hope. Hope is just holding out on that expectation, the confidence that you have in Him. And so it’s so important that we keep our thankful heart and keep a joyful heart and to focus on those things.

And so I just want to pray for that right now, Lord I would just pray that you would help us just to return to your joy, to return to thankfulness. And that through us being thankful and seeing the goodness that you have, that you would let that joy just come alive in us. In Jesus’ name.