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Sunday, November 26th, 2017Todd Halberg

The Importance of Investing


I’m Todd Halberg, I’m a Christian financial advisor, I want to talk a little bit about investment today.  It’s something business owners understand – farmers get it – you have to sow to get a crop.  And there are things that are important in our lives, where God wants us to be sowing so that we can get a return.  But, that return isn’t necessarily for us, it could well be for others.  

I was sitting in church service about a year and a half ago, and our pastor said, “Today I’m going to blow up your favorite Bible verse”.  That verse happened to be, “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil”.  And he said, “What you need to know is, that verse was not necessarily for the hearers because they were in captivity and they were going to stay there for the rest of their lives.  That promise was to the next generation.  And when I was hearing that, the Lord kind of just prompted me that, “This is for you too. You need to be spending more time with your kids and grandkids who happen to live far from you”.  I took that to heart and started making monthly trips with my wife down to visit our kids and our grandkids.  It’s born fruit.  We spent endless hours playing catch, going to the swimming pool,  having conversations late at night, laying in bed.  Not necessarily deep stuff, but just being there for them.  Showing attention, showing interest.  It’s come to a point where it’s bearing fruit.  They want us to be around them.  The kids count the days till grandma and grandpa come back.  We’ve been part of their lives.  There are spaces know we can get into that parents can’t – as grandparents.  That investment has paid off.

I know that as business owners there is a natural tension between just really focusing on your business all the time and taking care of your family, being there with your family, spending time with your family.  Many of us have made promises about “I’ll be home at 3, honey”.  And at 5 o’clock she calls up to find out where you are and you’re still at the office, and you’re gonna pack up, and you’ll be right there, and sooner or later it’s 6 o’clock and you’re still not home.  I want to encourage you to be sensitive about what God says about sowing into the others around you that you’re responsible for.  We all have a stewardship, we all have families to love and care for and their future is as important as our business and more.  So, be sensitive to that.  I’ll be praying for you that God will give you that right balance.  

In fact, let’s pray now.  Father, I just ask that this word would just comfort, encourage, direct those who struggle with that very thing.  Trying to focus on their business, trying to invest in their careers or their jobs, and at the same time needing to divert resources to invest in the people around them.  God, give us your wisdom and give us your direction.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. I totally agree. God, family, and work or ministry. As a ministry leader, I have found that putting God first, (meaning to keep my heart and mind steadfast in the Word and in my personal life) then family, and then my ministry, He has blessed my life in a powerful way. God’s order is the best! It places us in position for a good and healthy life, and the joy that comes is our reward.

  2. How timely, Todd. I’m a widow of about two years. My young grandkids adored Grandpa and moved a distance away when my husband died. I feel the loss of time with kids I once saw every day. I need to commit to being there for them during these precious years. You’ve inspired me to change my priorities in the year ahead. Thank you. I really felt your heart and God’s spirit alive in your message.

  3. This is awesome. I can testify to it personally, my husband died this year at a young age but what is keeping the family going at times is when we’re discussing the times we all used to spend together . We always thank God that ‘daddy ‘, for that’s what we called him, lived a balanced life. I pray for the grace for all of us to spend our time here on earth wisely . Thank you Mr Halberg

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