The True Nature of God

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

“God is love.”  That is His true nature.  He loves you today more than you have ever recognized.
Andrew Wommack


Welcome to God Today.  I’m Andrew Wommack, I’m one of the broadcasters here on the God channel.  I want to encourage you today about what the very nature and character of God is.  You know, most people haven’t really thought about this, but you can’t relate to a person that you don’t understand know what they’re like.  For instance, you may not have thought about this, but if you meet a person, at first you don’t just open up and share everything with them because you don’t know if that person is trustworthy.  You don’t know if they’re going to take this information and use it against you.  You have to get to where you know a person before you can really open up and share with them.  That’s the reason it takes awhile to build relationships.  

The sad thing is God is the most misunderstood, misrepresented, most maligned person that has ever existed.  Stana and religion have gone out of their way to misrepresent God.  Some of it has been taken from the Bible.  I know that may shock people, but there are parts of the Bible where the wrath of God was poured out in a very judgmental, punishing way.  People don’t understand that the new covenant is just that.  A new covenant.  A new contract.  We have been set free.  God has not changed, but what He did was take the judgment for our sins and put it upon Jesus.  Because He has now punished His own son He is now just and righteous to forgive us over things that in the old covenant there was no forgiveness, there was just punishment.

God is not this harsh, angry God that is leaning over the banister of heaven with a lightning bolt just ready to get you when something goes wrong.  God punished His own son.  Today there is love and acceptance towards anyone who has received Jesus as their personal Lord.  So, the nature of God does not change. But, the way He deals with us changed.  According to the word of God in 1 John 4:8, “God is love.”  That is His true nature.  He loves you today more than you have ever recognized.

Father, I pray for those watching right now.  That you would take just these few things that I’ve said and that you would open up their hearts to understand that you love them.  And things that people don’t forgive them for, things that they may not have even forgiven themselves for, I pray that you would help them to receive that forgiveness, receive your forgiveness and your love today.  That you would show them your nature, that it’s only good.  Your plans for them are thoughts of good and not of evil to give them an expected end.   Thank you, Father.  I believe they will experience God today.