Being a Child of God Means…

Monday, July 9th, 2018

He is making a way for you, but you need to ask Him. You need to ask Him.
Dale Mast


Welcome to God Today. My name is Dale Mast and I wrote a book, Two Sons and a Father. I want to talk to you today about living as a son and seeing yourself as a the son to Father God. An employee receives a paycheck, but a son receives an inheritance. A lot of times we are asking God to bless us and really we are asking for a paycheck. I believe it grieves His heart because He has an inheritance for us. Now, you have to understand that you will never fulfill your destiny without an inheritance. You don’t need an inheritance when you get to Heaven. There are streets of gold, gates of pearls. You need your inheritance right now. What that means is, you need to start asking as a son would ask a father. I might be, maybe more important that the son of a man, but that son can get more from his father than I can. That father is going to protect his son. He is not going to protect me as much. You have to see that the Father is invested in you as a son, as a daughter. You are going to start asking with greater expectation. Not just because you have faith, but because the relationship.

If I walk into your house, I wouldn’t open up your refrigerator because I am not your son or daughter. But, if you have a son or daughter, they have refrigerator rights. When you start seeing that you are a son and a daughter to Father God, you’re going to start opening up the refrigerator in Heaven. You are going to start taking out of His refrigerator what He has, instead of living out of your own refrigerator. So what am I saying to you today? He has what you need for your future. You don’t have it, but He does. You must come not just with faith, but you must come as a son. This is a very, very important transition in the body of Christ. Realize that I already am favored and He wants to give it to me more than I want to receive it.

Today, as you go through this day, this is what I am speaking to you. You’re going to ask more, you’re going to expect more, you’re going to receive more. Not just because you have greater faith, but you enter in as a son and a daughter that is loved by Father God. He is making a way for you, but you need to ask Him. You need to ask Him. What does the scripture say? “If you have not, because you ask not. That scripture was placed before you ask amiss, selfishly. God actually said the greater problem is that you don’t ask. This season and this day I want you to start asking larger and expecting more. I expect the unexpected is coming into your life, one miracle after another. God bless you.