Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Monday, September 10th, 2018

Start taking the limitations off of what you think your business can do, what you think you can do.
Rodney Tolleson


Welcome to God Today. My name is Rodney Tolleson. Our ministry is Kingdom Life NOw. I have been a business consultant for over 50 years, and also in the ministry for over 30 years. I have a combination of things.

What I want to share today is what the Lord showed me about Kingdom business people and the season and time as entrepreneurs that we are going into. The Lord gave me a real clear mandate that I was to spend these next 5-8 years helping kingdom business people because there is an open heaven. I believe God is speaking to me that there is an open heaven over our businesses and over us as being entrepreneurs. We have got to come from one level to another level. During this economy that we have just come out of, many of us have come out of a place of survival – and we survived. Thank God we did and God took care of us.

He is wanting us to come into a place right now of more than enough. To get into a place as the scripture talks about, that we can give to all good works. As that phase happens, He really wants to take the ones that are there even to a greater place. That, I believe, is what He is calling today the “Storehouse mentality”. To be able to store up like Joseph did. To be able to store up for those times and those seasons coming.

I believe that God is wanting us to become supernatural. He gave me a name for us: The Supernatural Entrepreneurs. Those are the ones that move in the supernatural. They are willing to lay down their business knowledge, lay down the things. God can use it, but they can also be moved by the supernatural. If God speaks to them it might come against all of their business practices and everything. To do this or to buy that or to sell this, but when we do that God is going to move us into a level of prosperity like we have never experienced. We are going to be able to finance the Kingdom at a degree and level that we have never been able to do before.

I encourage you. If you have business out there, step into those different levels. Move on up with the Lord. Start taking the limitations off of what you think your business can do, what you think you can do. If you don’t have a business and God has been speaking to you about speaking one, don’t wait. This is the time to step out, find you some people who will mentor you. Find you a coach, find a business consultant, find some intercessors that will help pray and birth that business. We need the anointing of God in all areas of our life, especially our businesses. If we are going to see the Kingdom of God be spread out throughout the world, and preach to the world, we are going to have to have people who can help finance that. I challenge you to let the Lord use you to be one of those that is challenged to become wealthy for the purpose of the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’ name.