Monday, January 21st, 2019

Your future is far greater than your past or your present, if you’ll start declaring God’s word.
Nasir Siddiki


Welcome to God Today.  I am Dr. Nasir Siddiki of “wisdomministries.org”.  I’ve got a word to share with you today about Words.  Oh yes. Come to this scripture in Isaiah 46 and we are going to look at verse 10.  “Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done my counsel shall stand and I will do all, my pleasure and my purpose.”  God declared the end from the beginning.


If you look at Genesis 1 and 2, God said, “It was.”  God said, “It was.” God created everything based on spoken words.  I got a new cell phone, and I hate typing those little letters. You can make mistakes all the time.  With my cell phone now – I speak. I tell it what text to send and what email to send. I speak and it sends it.  I went to the Lord and I said, “Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for my voice-activated phone.” You know what the Lord said to me right here?  “Finally, the world is catching up to what I have been doing since the beginning of time.”


This is a voice-activated universe.  The is a voice-activated world. Words created it and words are holding it together.  That is why God says, “I declared the end.” When did He declare the end? At the beginning.  See, when you declare the end at the beginning, now the end has to become what you have declared.  That is exactly what God is teaching us. I come across Christians all the time. I say, “How are you doing, brother?  How are you doing, sister?” “Well, can I tell it like it is?” No, no, no. Stop telling it like it is. As long as you tell it like it is, it will always stay like it is.


Do you know the devil has been defeated?  Do you know he has been stripped of all power?  Do you know the only weapon the devil has now is your tongue?  What? Yup! Your tongue! If he can get you to say the wrong words, he can move.  But, if God can get you to say the right words, then God can move.


We live in a voice-activated system.  Stop telling everybody how things are.  Start declaring the Word. God has a good plan for you, a plan to prosper you and not to harm you.  Your future is far greater than your past or your present, if you’ll start declaring God’s word. What does God say about my future?  Remember, every word you speak will form your world.


Better to put your mouth to sleep then to say the wrong words and wonder why things are not working in your life.  Remember, we live in a voice-activated system. Let me pray for you. I thank you, Lord, for this revelation you have given my on the voice-activated system.  The more I study, the more revelation you give me. Let them study also and get that revelation so that they will not speak the wrong words anymore. They will be careful what they say, knowing their words will always frame their world.  We ask this now in Jesus’ name we pray. And everybody said, “Amen.”