Cleansing Generational Sins

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

There is a power to cleansing generational sins and our personal sins that have hooked us into that generational cycle.
Janet Keller Richards


I wanna share about the cleansing of generational sins in our lives. There is a teaching in the body of Christ in some churches that generational sins don’t need to be prayed through, because they’re all covered at the cross. And there is a truth to that. Jesus has forgiven all of our sins. They are all cleansed by the cross, but the enemy is a legalist. And where there is a pattern in our experience through our family line that we come into partnership with by repeating it, we then create an open door of oppression through our agreement. And that can happen when we’re little, that can happen as an adult. So the enemy loves to reinforce and try and repeat those generational cycles from family to family.

I wanna give you an example of the freedom that a gentleman experienced through inner healing and deliverance from a generational bondage. And he came to our ministry, because his 10 year old son began having sexual dreams, and he began using the language from those dreams, and his parents heard it and said, “Where did you hear that language? And he said, “I have been dreaming.” And they said, “Who talked to you about that, or did someone do something?” And he said, “No, I just had these dreams,” and they just appeared in his night dreams.

So the father was very concerned, because though he was a Spirit-filled, born again Christian, he had had a struggle with porn for much of his life. And he had conquered it mostly, but not entirely. He still struggled from time to time. So his son’s dreams made him run for help.

As I heard his story, we realized that his father also was involved in porn. And when this man sitting in front of us in our ministry time, was 14, he saw some of his father’s stuff and he was hooked. And so, for his whole life, he had been involved with pornography struggle and other sexual sins either done against him, or that he had committed. And so, we started our time in forgiveness of the generational lines, because when you have three generations, there’s a good chance that it’s further back than just those three generations. So we forgave all the generations all the way back to Adam. We confessed the sin, we led him in confession. He repented and renounced partnering with that generational bondage. And then we went into the process of bringing healing and cleansing from the lies that he believed about himself, concerning his own partnership with that spirit of sexual perversion. We cleaned out all of the sins of his own life, and that had been done against him. And when we were finished, then we knew we had authority to send away that spirit of sexual perversion. We sent it away and he was rejoicing.

I didn’t see him for a year, so a year later when we finally connected, I asked him, “How’s it going?”  And he said, “When we sent that spirit away, my son stopped having those dreams completely, and I have been free of porn. I am free, and I haven’t struggled with it since.”

So there is a power to cleansing generational sins and our personal sins that have hooked us into that generational cycle.

Jesus, thank you for this one. And perhaps you brought to mind something that is a generational cycle in their life. Lord, would you bring them the right person to come alongside and help them get free of that? I ask you for anointing to break the yoke over their life. I ask you to bring them freedom in your name, Jesus, and I thank you for this one. Bless them in their journey. In your name, Amen.