Saturday, May 11th, 2019

I just believe that God wants to...Release gifts in your life that you’ve been dreaming about.
Jessica Koulianos


Hi, I’m Jessica Koulianos from Jesus Image and welcome to God Today.  I just want to talk to you about inheritance. Inheritance- what does that mean, what is that all about?  God has inheritance for your life. Do you know that? He has something that, before you were even born, people have been praying into your life before you were even born.  Isn’t that amazing? God had something for you before the foundations of the Earth.

I’m sitting here today because I had parents that prayed for me.   My father is a well-known evangelist and he’s been in ministry for over 40 years now.   I completely ran away from God in my teenage years and up to my early 20’s. I wanted nothing to do with it.  My parents used to pray and believe. They’d see people getting healed and saved all over the world, but here they had this child that was running away from God and wanted nothing to do with that.

My mom used to go into my bed when I was out partying at night.   I used to tell my parents I was at a friend’s house and I would go and party all into the hours of the night doing horrible things.  She would go in my bed and just lay in there and pray for me. “God, thank you for bringing our daughter back to you, Lord. Thank you for the call of God you have on her life.”  They believed in me when nobody else did because that was the inheritance God had for my life. It was in the roots. God already knew I was going to come right back around to Him.  He knew that the plan He had for my life before I was born was going to become full circle one day. I didn’t know that. My parents believed it in their heart, but they had to act in faith and know that God’s plan for my life was going to happen.  But God knew. That’s what inheritance is all about.

God has a plan so great for you and there have been prayers in your life from grandparents.  I have a feeling there are people watching right now that you have relatives that you have never even met.  Great-grandparents, great aunts, and uncles, that have been praying for you, that were Godly people, that have been praying for your destiny.   God has heard those prayers and He’s just going to turn your life around and answer those prayers. Because you are going to come into the inheritance that God has for your life – which is great, which is amazing.   God doesn’t have anything that’s not amazing, that’s not something that’s so attainable for us.

I just believe that God wants to release inheritances in your life.  Release gifts in your life that you’ve been dreaming about. There have been people standing with you for these seasons.  You have people praying for you that you don’t even know exist. Just receive that today. Receive the great inheritance that God has for your life.