Monday, May 22nd, 2023

That one ounce of adoration is worth tons and tons of efforts.
Eric Gilmour


Hello, GOD TV. I’m Eric Gilmour with Sonship International. You know when I first got born again, an older man of God came to pick me up for a road trip and I got into the car and he pulled out, we started to drive and he said let’s pray and the first thing that I started to do was the only thing I knew how to do which is just rattle off in tongues and saying all kinds of things here and there and straining and striving and struggling. And he waited for me to get tired, this older man of God and when he got to the point where he knew that I was tired and wasted, he just remained still waiting for the smoke to clear from my all assault on Hell and God and everything.

Then when one hand on the steering wheel and a steamy coffee in the other as he drove down the road, he simply went like this, Jesus, I worship you. I give you glory, Lord, and there’s no one like you. You are lovely. He just waited. He said I bless you. You are wonderful.

The presence of the Lord so filled that car that I was deeply touched and ministered to but at the same time I was extremely frustrated with how easy he accessed the Lord and I learned a very valuable lesson that day that has shaped my life and it is this: That one ounce of adoration is worth tons and tons of efforts. Let me leave you with this statement. Snuggle, don’t struggle. I pray that Lord would pull you in and put your head upon His chest and hold you close so that you can hear His heartbeat and in that divine, direct connection with him, you will receive everything you need to have his image formed in your soul. Amen.