Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Get it fixed and God will carry you all the way through.
Bill Hamon


I’m Dr Bill Hamon, Bishop of Christian International Apostolic Network; I have over 1,000s of churches around the world.  We have taught and trained people in the prophetic. One thing I did training the prophets back in the 80’s, I trained all of them that were in their 20s, but are now grandmas and grandpas, and we have internationals around the world.  But, I talked about 10 “M’s” and one of the 10 “M’s” is manners.


You think manners aren’t that important, but we had one minister that I sent on a team over in a foreign field.  He could heal the sick, he could preach really good, but his manners were obnoxious. The hosts said that everywhere he went they had to follow-up and apologize for his rudeness, for his ill manners, for his demanding.  So, when he came back home we really dealt with him about his manners. He said, “That’s my personality, that’s just the way I am.” I said, “That’s not the way the spirit of Christ is and that’s not the type of minister I want to represent Christian International.”  We had to realize him from being a minister if Christian International.


Manners are special.  And these 10 “M’s” I talk about: manners, motive, morality, message, maturity, manhood, and on and on, money.  Those are like ten chained links and if you’re hanging over a cliff, 1,000 feet down and you are on ten chained links and one of them is getting paper thin, you don’t brag about the nine that are so great and ignore the one.  You concentrate on the one that needs to get fixed. I want you to know that some of you are out there right now and you’re bragging about, and you’re boasting about your nine chained links, but there is one that growing really thin and God wants you to get counsel, get help, get victory in that area and bring it forward.  Listen. God wants to save you from disaster. It only takes one “M” to get out of order to cause a chain reaction to drop you out of your destiny and into destruction.


I pray right now in Jesus’ name that wisdom and grace will be given to you and you’ll understand and see the weak link.  Don’t just brag about the nine, but you’ll get that one weak link. Remember the old saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”  Get it fixed and God will carry you all the way through. Amen.