The Power Of Creativity

Saturday, December 30th, 2023

Whatever you sense you're creative in, apply yourself to it.
Janet Keller Richards


I had a dream about creativity and the way the Holy Spirit desires to fill our creativity. In the dream, I was teaching in a foreign country and there were all these long tables. At each place setting for each person coming, there was a piece of blank art paper and beside each piece there were art implements, like paintbrushes or pencil colors. And the interesting thing about the dream, it was a God dream, was that inside each piece of white, blank art paper, I could see the Holy Spirit and He was shimmering and moving, and I knew, I thought of that scripture in Genesis where it says the Holy Spirit was brooding over the surface of the waters. I felt like He was inside the paper, and I knew in the dream He was waiting for one stroke of an artist’s brush or pencil or colored implement so that He could be released through the paper into the atmosphere.

So, I’m a writer and I have written three books, and I didn’t wake up and automatically know how to write. I grew into my skill. There’s a story in the Bible of a man named Bezalel, and God said of him, “I have specifically chosen Bezalel. I’ve filled him with the Spirit of God and given him great wisdom, ability, expertise in all kinds of crafts.” He is a master craftsman. Bezalel didn’t wake up being gifted in how to work gold or how to carve wood. He grew into that just as I grew into the craft of becoming a writer.

Whatever you sense you’re creative in, apply yourself to it. Grow in skill. Take writer’s courses, learn pottery, work at that wheel, grow in painting, take classes. Grow and apply yourself.

And the other part of this is invite the Holy Spirit to fill your sails, so to speak. When I was writing my third book, which is a fictional allegory, there were times when I had to stop writing, because the presence of the Lord was so strong. And one day I just said to Him, “Holy Spirit, you love this, because I can sense you love this.” And He does. He loves our creativity, and like my dream, He wants our creativity, our skill in creativity, our excellence to be filled with Him so that when we apply ourselves like that artist stroke, He can be released into the atmosphere. He can speak through paintings, He can speak through books.

I had a mother come to me after reading my third book and say, “Janet, when I read your book, it broke the orphan spirit off of my life.” And it was a fictional story. So God wants to fill your creativity with Him. Invite Him, partner with Him, allow Him, work with Him, and He will do that as you grow in excellence and skill and release it through your anointed creativity.