Turn Around

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

They had to turn around and make a change in the present situation, in order that God could bring a turnaround within their lives.
Robert Gay


Hello, I am Robert Gay, pastor of High Praise Panama City.  I am so glad you are here today. This is God Today and I believe the Lord has something powerful to impart into your life.


I want to share some things today about the turnaround.  I believe our God is the God of the turnaround. As a matter of fact, in our church, we sing a song called, “God Of The Turnaround”, and I believe God desires to turn things around within your life.  You know, the thing about turnaround is that when you define the word, it literally means, “a change in the natural expectation of things.”


A lot of times, things are expected to go in a certain way.  But then, suddenly there is a turnaround in the situation or the event.  I believe that our God desires whatever is going the wrong way in your life, I believe He wants to turn it around and cause it to begin to move in the right direction.  He delights in doing that and he wants to do that in your life.


One of the things I have found about turnaround, in order to receive that in your life, you sometimes have to make some changes yourself.  You have to be willing to turn around and walk in another direction in order to see God’s plan for your life come into full fruition and to see the turnaround of bad things and then turn into good things within your life.


As we are reading the Bible, there is an account given about a man by the name of Naman.  Naman goes to the prophet, Naman has leprosy and he wants healing in his body. He wants turnaround, he wants something to change within his personage.  The prophet gives him the word of the Lord and the word of the Lord for Naman is this. “You must go to the River Jordan, Jordan River. And you have to dip into that river 7 times.”  Well, Naman was furious about it. His attitude, quite frankly, was stinky. His attitude was bad about what the prophet had actually said to him. Fortunately, Naman’s servant spoke some sense into Naman and said, “Listen, this is a small thing for you to do.  What do you have to lose? This is not going to hurt you. Let’s go do this.” So Naman agreed to do it.


So, of course, Naman went and he dipped 7 times into the Jordan River and then he came up clean.  He was totally healed of his leprosy. What I want you to see in this story is not just the miracle, but what I want you to actually look at was the fact that Naman had to change.  He had to turn around in order to see a turnaround within his life.


The question I have for you today: is there something within your life that maybe you need to turn around in order to see God bring a turnaround within your life.  The Holy Spirit might be talking to you about some attitude, some disposition. Perhaps there is somebody you are holding a grudge against. Perhaps there is some unforgiveness in your life, or maybe an unresolved offense.  I want to encourage you today to make things right. Turn around, allow a turning to come into your life so that God, in turn, will bring a turnaround that will cause good things to begin to be promoted.


I think about a story, also, in the Bible where Jesus was performing miracles.  He had actually gone into a house and He was healing people, people were lined up outside.  There was a lame man, a paralytic man that his 4 brothers had gone and brought him to Jesus.  He couldn’t get into the house. They recognize that if something was going to take place, we have to make a change in this situation.  What they did, they crawled up on the roof. They dismantled the roof and then lowered him down and Jesus healed him. They had to turn around and make a change in the present situation, in order that God could bring a turnaround within their lives.


Let me pray for you right now, because I believe God wants to bring a turnaround within your lives.  Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for those that are watching this today. I pray, Father God, you would minister to their lives, minister to their hearts.  I thank you, Father, that you are the God of the turnaround. God, you are causing things to change. The natural course of events is beginning to turn within their lives.  Thank you, Father, any area within our lives where we need to make changes, I thank you, Father

You are revealing those.  We are making the change. Lord, we are stepping out in faith and as we do, Lord God, your power will be revealed and there will be a turnaround in Jesus’ name.  Praise the Lord! I trust this has been a blessing to you. I want to encourage you to obey the voice of the Lord, obey the Holy Spirit, obey the Bible, do what God has commanded and you will see a turnaround.  I am Robert Gay and this is God Today.