Trust And Obey

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

If you know God has said is important that we put those principles into practice and obey what He has told us to do.
Robert Gay


Hello, my name is Robert Gay.  I am the pastor at High Praise Panama City.  This is God Today.  I want to say “thank you” for tuning in and being here today.  I believe you are going to be blessed in these moments we have together.   I believe God has something to impart to your life that will be a blessing to you, will encourage you, and will cause you to go after the purpose of God, that He has for your life.


There is an old hymn that actually I learned when I was in church as a young boy.  I know that there are probably many of you who have heard the song before.  It is called, “Trust And Obey”.  Sometimes it can almost sound like a cliche: trust and obey, trust and obey.  But the reality is good things happen in our lives whenever we trust and obey.  God’s Word is performed in our lives whenever we trust and obey.


Jesus gave a parable about a wise man and a foolish man.  The Bible says that the wise man built his house upon the rock.  Whenever the rains and the floods came, the house stood.  The foolish man, on the other hand, built his house upon sand so that whenever the rains and the floods came, the house was destroyed.  It was totally devastated.  Jesus compared these two men.  The foolish man was the man who heard the word but did not obey, he wasn’t a doer of the word.  The wise man, he was the one who heard and was a doer of the word.  Another easy of saying doer of the word was that he trusted and obeyed.


It is so important that we as believers learn to trust and obey.  The reason for it is our house will stand.  We will see the fulfillment of what God has said within our lives whenever we obey what the Lord has said.  However, whenever we live a lifestyle of disobedience or choose not to do what God said to do, it ultimately will cause destruction and devastation within our lives.  Understand this – that is not God’s plan for your life.  That is not God’s will for your life.  He doesn’t want to bring you to a place of destruction and devastation.  No, He wants your house to stay strong.  The only way that can happen is trusting what God has said, believing what God has said, and then obeying what God has said.


It is very interesting when you read the story of Moses at the Red Sea.  I think about this many times, of course, some people read different accounts in the Bible and they forget this is real people, this really did happen.  It actually took place.  God told Moses to do something he had never done before.  That is, “Moses, take your rod, take your hand, stretch it out across the Red Sea.  I am going to cause the waters to divide and you are going to walk over on dry ground.”  The reality is this – if Moses had not trusted what He said, believed what He said, and then obeyed what the Lord told Him to do by taking his rod, stretching out over the Red Sea, then all of the Israelites would have been destroyed.  The reality is this – if we do not trust what God has said in His promises, and then obey what He tells us to do, we are going to short circuit things within our lives.  There are going to be a lot of promises of God that will go unfulfilled.


Think about the widow of Zarephath, who during a time of famine, the prophet shows up, and of course she only has a little bit of meal and a little bit of oil.  The prophet says, “You bake me a cake first.”  I have thought about this before.  Imagine those days if the news media was available like it is today, could you imagine the news reports that would have been out?  “Prophet tries to take advantage of a poor widow woman.”  However, this woman trusted what the man of God said and she then obeyed the Word of the Lord.  The result was this: she and her son ate for many days.  Which means this – they had sustenance during the entire time of famine.  God brought forth provision for them because she trusted and obeyed. 


My friend, I cannot emphasize this enough – the importance of us obeying what God has said.  If you know God has said something, any command that we receive from the Word of God, anything that Jesus has said or commanded us, it is important that we put those principles into practice and obey what He has told us to do.  As we do, God will cause a blessing to come upon our house, and our house will stand in the midst of any storm because the storms of life come to everybody.  But, it is only the ones that are doers of the Word or are obedient to the Word that actually see that their houses stand in the midst of the storms.


I want to pray for you today.  Father God, I pray for those who are listening and watching.  I pray, Father God, you will sustain them, Lord.  I pray, Father God, there will be a stirring on the inside of them, the realization will rise in their hearts of the importance of obeying and not just being hearers of the Word but being doers of the Word.  I pray, Father God, your blessing upon their lives.  I pray, Father God, that you will cause their house to stand in the midst of any storm of life that may come, or any storm that may rage.  I thank you, Father God, their house will stand.  In Jesus’ name.  Well, I trust this has been a blessing to you today.  I am Robert Gay, this is God Today.