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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020Jeffrey Levinson

Pray To The Rock


Hi, I am Jeffrey Levinson with GOD TV and welcome to God Today.  Today I would like to talk to you about Psalm 18.  It is a Psalm of David and it talks about, in the versions of the Bible that you may have, “He is my rock, my refuge, to whom I run.”  I am going to read you this psalm right now from a Hebrew translation and it is Psalm 18:7 is where it comes in the version I have. “When I am in distress, I call upon the Lord, yes. I cry out to my God. Out of His temple, He hears my voice and my cry comes before Him in His ears.”


You know, we all go through trials and tests and times.  Maybe they are tests for us.  Maybe, someone we love, someone we know is hurting, they need a healing and it behooves us to pray for them.  It behooves us to go to God.  Satan, the small devil as it were because Jesus won that battle, will try to get at you through others. Through others’ infirmity, through others’ strife.  He tries to get to you and you cry out to the Lord and you run to the Lord, you run to the Rock.  You cry about and pray, “Lord, hear my prayer, please.  On behalf of... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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