Increased Faith

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

When you say, 'I forgive you,' you are believing God is greater than what they did to you.
Robert Henderson


Hello, this is Robert Henderson with Robert Henderson Ministries, and this is God Today.  You know, God wants to increase our faith.  Faith is not something that is meant to stay dormant.  It is something meant to grow.  And when Jesus picked your faith, as a seed, He said, “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed…”  And in Luke 17:5, it is quite interesting when Jesus was actually talking to them about forgiving someone, He actually said, “If someone sins 70 x 7 times in a day,” 490 times against you IN A DAY!  He said, “Forgive him.”  That is literally the heart of God.


When the disciples heard this they said, “We can’t do that, that is impossible for us.”  And watch what they said.  They said, “Lord, increase our faith. Increase our faith.”  In other words, “Lord, you are going to have to help us here. That would be so difficult to do, even to forgive.  Do you understand that many times we need to forgive people by faith?  It takes faith to forgive people.  Why?  Because when you say, “I forgive you,” you are believing God is greater than what they did to you. That God is greater than what they afflicted upon you, and that God is greater than if they should do it again.


Why?  Because your confidence is not in them.  Your confidence is in God.  You say, “Well, I need the confidence in them to forgive them.”  No, you don’t!  You need confidence in God!  See, if your confidence is in God, if your faith is in God, then out of that you will say, “I forgive you.”  Why?  Because you believe and know – watch this – that God is able to even take that which was meant for evil and turn it into your good. That is the faith, that is the confidence we have in the Lord.  


We don’t have to have confidence in people to forgive them.  We just need faith in God.  And that is why they said, “Lord, increase our faith, enlarge our capacity to believe you.  To know that you are bigger and greater than anything, anybody could ever do to me.  Maybe you are struggling with what someone did to you.  Let me tell you something.  God is bigger than that thing.  He is able to turn that thing around, He is able to bring the order back to that situation, He is able to restore what has been lost, He is able to reveal that which was torn down.  He is able to do all this, simply put your faith in Him and who He is in your life.


Let me pray.  Father, I thank you, right now, that you are bringing us to new levels of faith.  You are increasing our faith, and that we are able to forgive and to release those who have hurt us because, Lord, our confidence is not in them. Lord, our confidence is in you. And you are greater than anything that could have ever happened.  And you have a wonderful future for us.  We thank you for that.  In Jesus’ name, amen. I am Robert Henderson and this is God Today.