Sharing Words Of Encouragement

Friday, November 13th, 2020

Whenever you’ve...asked the Lord to bring that dream to pass...Didn’t God do it? He did it.
Marcus Gill


Hey!  Marcus Gill here of Marcus Gill International.  We are based here in the beautiful city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I want to encourage you today. Oftentimes we hear words of encouragement from family members, friends, co-workers, ministry leaders.  Maybe even sometimes a stranger. Today I was thinking about some of the words my grandfather shared with me over the years. I remember when I was a young teenage boy, he told me, “Marcus, you have to see it before you see it or you never will see it.”


This conversation was birthed because I was telling my granddad some of the dreams I had for my future.  Some of the big dreams I had, as far as what I wanted to do for the Lord, how I wanted to minister to millions of people from all around the world.  My grandfather told me these words, he said, “Marcus, close your eyes. What do you see?” I said, “I don’t see anything, I just see black.” He said, “No. Activate the eyes of your spirit.  Start seeing your future, start imagining yourself doing the things you dreamed to do for the Lord. Picture yourself ministering to millions, picture yourself having a television ministry, writing books, having crusades, and souls being saved from all over the world.  Close your eyes and picture it.”


So I did exactly what he told me to do and I began to imagine and see myself in the future.  Watch this here. When he said, “See it before you see it or you never will see it,” I made up in my mind that day that I would practice seeing what I want to see so that I would see it in my reality.  Your vision will become your reality if you learn how to see now before it happens. I can tell you this and many of you can probably testify to this fact as well: whenever you’ve imagined something, or whenever you’ve dreamed something you asked the Lord to bring that dream to pass.  Or allowed that vision to become your reality. Didn’t God do it? He did it.


Many of you watching right now are on your journey of seeing your big dreams for the Lord coming true. What do you do?  You’ve prayed and now you are waiting for that thing to come to pass. What do you do in the meantime? You have to keep seeing.  I can tell you this my friends: everything I told my grandfather that I wanted to do when I was a young teenage boy – I practiced seeing it.  I practiced it. I began to work my faith so it became my reality so I could see my work produce something great. I can tell you – I have seen my vision become my reality.


I am sharing this word with you today to encourage you today as you go to work or you go throughout your day doing the things you need to do to get through the day – handling your responsibilities.  Whatever it may be, don’t stop seeing the blessings of your future, don’t stop seeing your dream. Don’t stop declaring that your vision will become your reality. Don’t you dare stop doing the things that are necessary for you to take steps to get closer and closer to your dreams coming true.

I want to pray for you this morning that God will give you the confidence and the strength for you to continue to see so that what you see will become your reality.  


Father, I thank you for my dear friend listening and watching. I pray, Father God, their faith will be taken to the next level. Anoint their eyes so that they wouldn’t just see what they can see in the natural, but they will see beyond the natural.  They will be able to see into the supernatural realm that you have provided for us by your Spirit. Lord, help us to see our future, and God, when you show us signs and revelation about the blessings of our future, help us, Lord, to activate our faith and work towards our vision becoming our reality.  Help us not to be distracted by what we see now. We know, God, what we see now is not what we are going to see forever. We thank you for this in advance. In Jesus’ name, amen.