Walking In Your Anointing

Sunday, December 6th, 2020

I want to encourage you to enjoy and celebrate the anointing God has given you. To step courageously forward.
Jamie Lyn Wallnau


Hi, my name is Jamie Lyn Wallnau, and I am the host of a podcast called Set Apart. This is God Today. I wanted to join you today and encourage you with the word about being anointed. Now, to anoint means to rub or smear oil on. What I love about this is that it means whatever you are anointed for, you can’t get it off of you, you can’t escape it. It is probably a passion, something people compliment all the time. So what is the thing people say, “You’re really good at this?” What is the thing you get complimented about all the time? That you are encouraged in all the time? Because you probably have an anointing in that.


Do you know what one of the coolest parts in that too is? When you have an anointing of something, you can anoint others with it. With your words of encouragement, with your words of empowerment. How amazing would it be to see people in the body of Christ who walk in an anointing whether it is in business, education, government? Whatever sphere of influence it is…family. If you have an anointing to empower, and encourage, and anoint others in the same thing.


Oftentimes we see a lot of competitive nature in the world. There is a competition who is going to be the best, who is going to do this the best, but truly you have an anointing that nobody else has. You could be an evangelist and your friend could be an evangelist. You could be a business owner of an IT company and your friend could be the owner of an IT company. But neither of you could do it the same way as the other. There is a unique DNA to your anointing that nobody else can walk in. I want to encourage you to enjoy and celebrate the anointing God has given you. To step courageously forward. Not just that, when you recognize an anointing in somebody else’s life, to encourage them in it.

As an anointed one, you will raise others up. You will anoint them to do the same thing. So who are those who are around you that are so good at what you do and you see the leadership call on their lives? You see motherhood on them. What could that be? I want to encourage you to anoint them with your words. With your prayers. To lift them up so that the generations who are coming after us can go further than we have in our anointing. 


God, I thank you for your anointing. I thank you so much that you have anointed each of us uniquely and powerfully to do what you have called us to do. Thank you, God, that you love us this way. I ask, God, for you to reveal for those who are tuning in that don’t know what their anointing us, would you bring encouragement to them like a magnet? Would you make them a magnet of encouragement so they realize what they are good at and what you’ve anointed them to do? We love you, Father, and we thank you and we bless you. I bless every one of my brothers and sisters with the anointing to smear this oil, this love that we can’t get off of one another once it is there. In Jesus’ name. I love you guys so much. I hope you have an amazing day. My name is Jamie Lyn Wallnau and this is God Today.