Accessing The Voice Of God

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 is the same with you. It is the same with me. We are hardwired to know God’s voice.
Bethany Hicks


Hi, this is Bethany Hicks and I am with Prophetic Company and this is God Today. One of my passions in life is to make the voice of God accessible to every single person on the planet. I believe that all humans are actually hardwired to hear God, to receive spiritual information from Him. We have multiple receptors, multiple ways that God is speaking to us. In fact, I want to tell you right now, you are already hearing God. Maybe you don’t know that it is His voice speaking, but He is absolutely speaking to you.


I love that scripture where Jesus says, “My sheep know my voice.” What does that mean? It means that He, first of all, never requires something from us that we weren’t able to fulfill. He wouldn’t expect you to know His voice if you weren’t already hardwired to recognize His voice. I like to see it like this if I am in a crowded room and there are 100s of people in this room, and I see my children across the room, and I yell out their names and say, “Ethan! Faith!” What will happen is, they will turn at the sound of my voice. Why? Because they know my voice. 


It doesn’t matter that they are listening to 100s of other voices. They have learned to recognize my voice and it doesn’t matter if any other voice is speaking in a crowd. So, it is the same with you. It is the same with me. We are hardwired to know God’s voice. I want to give you the one really practical way that we train the prophetic for people to learn to see how God is speaking. 


Romans 1:20 it says, “Since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power, His divine nature can be clearly seen in creation. So that men are without excuse.” What does that mean? It means that for those who have eyes to see, we can actually see God speaking to us in the naturally created realm. We see, many times throughout scripture, that God used what the prophets were seeing to recognize His voice. They said to Jeremiah and Amos, “Oh, Son of Man, what do you see?” And then, “What does it mean?”


So today, right now, wherever you are sitting, I want you to look around the room. And I want you, or maybe you are outside in creation, to look to see what is catching your eye. What is something that kind of comes alive to you? And then ask the Lord, “What does this mean?”


God prophesied to Jeremiah with a rod and an almond branch. With a pot of water. He prophesied through a basket of groceries on the counter, with one of the other prophets. God is speaking to you through what you see. I know it. I get that sometimes we feel like, “Is that really me? Or is that God?” But, can I tell you that for those who have learned to recognize His voice, God is speaking through everything you see. 


And so, Father, right now, I just pray that this will be confirmation for some of those watching, that have wondered if you are speaking to them through what they see. And I want to speak to you, now, and I want to say, “Yes! That is the voice of the Lord!” His voice is kind, His voice is good. It will not go outside of scripture. He is speaking to you through those things.


For those of you that want to see…Father, right now I pray you would pull back the veil of their eyes, their spiritual eyes, and their physical eyes, Lord. That they would look to see. And like the prophets of old, it would start a conversation with you and say, “Lord, what does this mean?” 


I had a prophetic word that was given to me once about my earrings. I had hoop earrings on. The person gave me a prophetic word about how they saw it had to do with this endless supply and resource of anointing and connection to the Lord. It meant a lot to me. I prophesied over a couple once who was wearing purple. It means royalty to me. And so, I just spoke into their royal Identity, that they really were royalty.


After this meeting, this couple came up to us and they said, “Does she know who we are?” And we were like, “No, we don’t know who this is at all.” He was an ambassador to an African king. And He had recently been exiled and didn’t know if he would walk with kings again. And then, he asked, “Does she know who my wife is?” And we said, “No, we don’t know. Of course not.” He said, “My wife is literally the daughter of the king.” She really was royalty. She really was a princess. And so was he. He was walking with royalty. What is the point?


They were wearing purple. That is what my eye was drawn to and when I asked the Lord what it meant, that is what the Lord spoke to me about. And so, the Lord is doing the same with you. And I release that grace and anointing to recognize God in everything you see.