Breakthrough Is Coming

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

He sees your faithfulness and He hears your prayers and He is answering them.
Brittany Thompson


I want to give you an infusion of hope today. Your breakthrough is on the way. I know that there are things that you’ve been asking the Lord for breakthrough in, that you’ve been seeking His face in, that you’ve asked and asked and asked. And I want to encourage you. He sees your faithfulness and He hears your prayers and He is answering them.

And I want to just encourage you today that there are so many moments in our life where we could give up or give in, or just choose not to have faith. And I want to encourage you, have hope. Hope does not disappoint. And God is not in the business of disappointment. He is excited to bring you breakthroughs, to bring you into seasons that you never anticipated, to miracle breakthroughs in your life. To bring those about so that you can actually impact generations of people beyond this generation that you’re impacting right now.

So I want to just pray over you for an infusion of hope from the Holy Spirit today. Jesus, thank you so much that you’re with us in all things, that you never abandon us, you never leave us, and you never forsake us, that you have promised to be with us through all of eternity. And we just lean into that today. We say thank you, God!  We appreciate your presence. We welcome you to do what you want to do. And Lord, we choose today to be faithful until we see the fruition of the promises that you have put on our heart. In Jesus’ name, amen.