The Moment I Encountered Jesus

Monday, April 12th, 2021

I sat there in the silence of my living room and I said, “Jesus, I want to meet you.”
Kelsey Morris


Hi, I’m Kelsey Morris with Together In The Harvest Ministries and you’re watching God Today. You know, many of you watching this might have heard of my dad before.  His name was Steve Hill, the evangelist at the “great revival”, Brownsville Revival. You know, my whole entire life I was raised under a great evangelist, he was amazing and my mom as well.  I mean, I ran down to the altar for altar calls, if you know him you know it’s that fiery altar call and people are going to dive to the altar. So, I would dive to the altar at 8 years old, and one time my dad said, “Ok, you don’t have to go to the altar so much, I think you’re saved.”   As I got older, people would ask me, “When was that moment that you met Jesus, when was that moment you had this encounter that changed your life forever?” And, I could never tell them that moment. It would make me so frustrated. It was to the point I went to Bible school, I preached, you know, I mentored people, I spoke into people’s lives, but I could never tell them that moment that I met Jesus.  


Can I be really honest and raw with you right now? It wasn’t until just a little while ago I felt for the first time in my life, I met Jesus.  Not even too long ago, guys, this wasn’t 20 years ago. This was recent. This was a recent testimony. I was home alone in my apartment. My husband every single night would contend and pray, go after God in His prayer closet, going after Jesus.  And every night I would watch youtube, I would watch movies, whatever. But, one night I became so hungry and I said, “Jesus, I want to meet you as my husband knows you, I want to meet you like my dad and my mom knew you. Jesus, I want to meet you.”


And for the first time in my life I turned off my TV, I turned off my phone, I sat there in my living room.  I didn’t have a preacher, I didn’t have worship, I sat there in the silence of my living room and I said, “Jesus, I want to meet you.”  And for the first time, I met Jesus. 

Some of you watching right now, you may not have a desire to know Jesus.  You might be a Christian, but not have a desire to go after Him. I’m telling you, even right now where you’re sitting, maybe you’re with your cup of coffee in the morning before work, you can say, “Jesus, I don’t have a desire to know you, but I want to want to have a desire to know you.  I want to have a desire to know you.”


Can I pray with you? Can I pray with you that you would meet Him, that you would know Him?  Jesus, I thank you for these precious lives, I thank you for the people watching. And Lord, I pray that they would know you, without a shadow of a doubt.  They would know that they know the Savior of the world and that they would meet you, Jesus. Lord, I pray that you cover them with your love and that you would show them just how much you adore them.  In your holy, precious name, Amen.