The Importance Of Living With Kingdom Expectancy

Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Faith is the currency of Heaven. Faith is what brings the breakthrough.
Joaquin Evans


Hi, my name is Joaquin Evans, Senior Leader at Bethel Austin and I’d like to welcome you to God Today/ I’d like to just take a moment and talk about the importance of living with Kingdom expectancy. You know, belief and faith are things that we talk about all the time in church in the Kingdom, but I’d like to actually propose that for belief to truly become faith it needs to have expectancy connected to it. What do I mean by that? I mean that, there’s a lot of things in our Christian walk that we may be believing for, but we never see. Part of the reason that we don’t actually see the manifestation of some of the things we believe is because of the measure of expectancy that we have connected to it.

Let me give you an example. There is a lot of the body of Christ today that doesn’t believe that miracles are supposed to happen today or that healings are supposed to happen today. It is to them according to their faith or their expectancy. So how much healing do they see if you have that belief set that you don’t believe healing happens today? You don’t see any healing. Then there’s another portion of the body of Christ that believes sure God, God can heal, but they just aren’t sure or convinced when He wants to heal or if He wants to heal in this situation and they maybe see a little bit more healing. Then there’s the part of the body of Christ, hopefully like you and I, that not only believes that God can heal, but we believe He wants to heal and we even believe he wants to do it right now…that He wants it even more than you and I want it. We actually begin to create, a percolating, a living expectation on the belief system when we’re alive reverberating with this reality that God wants to heal people right now. How much healing does that set of people see, infinitely more? 

What is the difference? The difference is not just the belief system, but the expectancy connected to the belief system. This is so key to unlocking all the things that we desire in the Kingdom, all the things that we have been praying for breakthroughs with, we’re asking the Lord for, we need to ask ourselves, not just do I have the right belief system. Yes, we have to start there. Absolutely get into the Word, but then the question is what is my expectancy on that belief system? 

I love to tell people all the time, for most believers, it’s not that we actually need to know more it’s that we need to expect more from what we already know. You know, in 1st Kings is a story of a Elijah and praying for the rain and in the middle of the drought. He sends his servant to look for the rain and his servant goes out and he looks and he comes back. Then he says, “There’s nothing in the sky, no sign of rain.“ But it says Elijah sent him seven times. Why? Because he wasn’t satisfied with the external, impression, the external view that he was seeing because he was so motivated with an internal reality. He knew that there was going to be rain in the sky. He knew that he knew that he knew his expectation was at a 10 and that expectation was actually connected to faith, which brings the breakthrough. So he sent his servant again. He comes back. There’s nothing again and again and again…until there was a cloud, the size of a man’s hand. Now what gave him the fortitude to keep going? It’s because yes, he had a proper belief system that he had the word of the Lord had spoken to him, but he also had the expectancy that the Lord was going to fulfill His word and back it up. That’s what caused him to send his servant again. How many people have stopped after the first bad report? There’s no sign of rain. There’s no clouds in the sky or stopped after the second or the third or the fourth. We need to ask ourselves not just how much do I know, but how much do I expect from what I know, because expectancy is what turns your belief system into faith and faith is the currency of Heaven. Faith is what brings the breakthrough. If you can get this in your spirit, you will move into greater realms of breakthrough with this one revelation alone. 

I want to pray for you that God would take what I’ve just said, that He would expand it in your heart and your mind and your spirit until you’re walking in unseen realms of breakthrough. Father, I thank You that You have greater desire and vision for each one of us more than we could even have ourselves. And Father. I pray that You would begin to breathe on the knowledge, of the understanding, on the belief systems that everyone here already has, but that You would stir an expectancy in our heart that we wouldn’t be satisfied until our beliefs are actually manifesting in the here and now. So God, I pray for a gift of expectancy to be released right now that you would move our belief into faith so that Heaven can respond accordingly and I bless you with that, in Jesus name, amen.