The Power of Discernment

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

I believe that in the days we're living in, in the earth right now, one of the most important prayer requests in the life of any believer is for God to open up our spiritual eyes.
Lydia Marrow


Hi, my name is Lydia Marrow and I serve at Shake the Nations Ministries and this is God Today. Friend, I just want to take a moment to talk to you about the power of discernment. I believe that in the days we’re living in, in the earth right now, one of the most important prayer requests in the life of any believer is for God to open up our spiritual eyes so that we can discern sometimes not even just between good and evil, but between good and the best. 

You know, the Bible says that Samson, he was anointed by God. He had an assignment from God, but because he had opened doors of sin in his life, the Bible tells us that he ended up in Delilah’s house. And the Bible tells us, you know the story, as well as I do that she’s tricked him into telling her the secret of his strength. The Bible tells us in Judges, chapter 16, that she gave the man his very first haircut and he woke up from that moment and he realizes, she says, “The Philistines are upon you and the Bible says he shook himself and he thought I’m going to fight them off.” Just like I have so many times before, but he did not realize that the spirit of the Lord had left him. The next thing that happened has always puzzled me so much. The Bible says that the Philistines came in and rather than kill him, they gouged his eyes out. I’ve always wondered about that because it doesn’t make sense to me. 

Samson was essentially a terrorist against the Philistine nation. He had been terrorizing them for all these years and finally they’ve got their number one enemy. Why didn’t they just take him out? Why did they care about whether or not he could see? And then I realized that I saw this in scripture. The Bible says this in Proverbs 29, verse 18, it says where there is no vision the people perish. See Samson and had forgotten what the enemy already knew about him. Samson had forgotten that his strength was not his own physical strength; the strength that Samson had was actually from the Lord. The enemy wasn’t after Samson’s strength, he was after Samson’s sight. 

This is why Paul said in the book of Ephesians, “I pray that the eyes of your heart would be enlightened.” He said, I want you to have a spirit of wisdom and revelation friend more than I want you to walk in a powerful anointing, more than asking God to give you special giftings or special graces during this season, I am asking God to open up the eyes of your understanding so that you can function in discernment. The Bible says that in the last days, I love this scripture and I’ve named my child accordingly, in Malichi chapter three, verse 18, it says this, “Then you will see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked between those who serve me and those who do not.” More than anything, friend, we need to cry out to God for discernment. These are the last days and we need to know what’s going on. We need to discern the source. We need to know if it’s God speaking or if it’s the enemy. 

Let me pray for you for just a moment. I want to ask God to do that in your life right now you’re watching from. Father in the name of Jesus. I bless those watching me right now, no matter what nation they represent or what household they represent. Father, I ask You to pour out wisdom and revelation, open the eyes of their heart. Don’t let them have their eyes, their spiritual eyes blinded like Sampson did, but Father give them wisdom and revelation so that we can discern what is happening around us in these last days. Give us discernment, Lord God, so that we can be ready for what lies ahead in the mighty name of Jesus. Well, for me, from Lydia Marrow at Shake the Nations to all the nations of the world through GOD TV, we love you so much and may God richly bless you in Jesus mighty name!