Healing From Migraines

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

I want to tell you a powerful testimony of healing that I experienced in my life, and that is when God healed me of migraines. He healed me of migraines twice!
Kate Muguira


Hi, my name is Kate Muguira and I am a part of the GOD TV Team. Welcome to God Today. I want to tell you a powerful testimony of healing that I experienced in my life…and that is when God healed me of migraines. He healed me of migraines twice. The first time I experiencing these migraines that were debilitating. I would have to stop working and it was just miserable. I was starting to get them two to three times a week and I felt like the Lord was like, “Have your friend pray for these migraines.” I had started getting a migraine that night so I had my friend, I said, “Hey, will you pray for these migraines to go away?” So she prayed and guess what? God healed me in that moment. That’s how He does guys. He heals in a moment. 

Then the second time was about a year later, I started getting these migraines again. I had gotten into a really bad snowboarding accident and I started getting these migraines again after I had a really bad whiplash. I would ask, we would pray, pray for healing, and I would pray for healing, pray for healing, and I would petition Heaven and I wasn’t seeing it…and I would hope I don’t have to experience these migraines. But honestly, what came  with it was a lot of anxiety and a lot of helplessness that I would never be able to hike again or I would never be able to run again…because every time I would try to hike or I try to run, these things that I love to do outside, and I actually really experienced God in nature…it was being taken away from me. I was constantly living in a fear wondering, “Am I not going to be able to go to work today because I might get a migraine?”

It was in this, this round of them was even worse than the first time where I was getting so sick. I would get, I would be just like over the toilet. I remember one time, I was, this might be TMI, but I was just bent over the toilet sick and I remember crying out to the Lord, “Lord, I need to know You’re here with me because I felt so alone and I felt hopeless.” In that moment I realized, “You (me) think God can leave you!.” So I had to go on my own little spiritual journey of God does not leave me. He is Emmanuel God with me and the Lord actually showed me where He was with me in this process. He was really, really with me in the three o’clock in the morning when I’d wake up with a migraine and I would feel that feeling of hopelessness or anxiety. I would walk around my room and I would speak scripture and I would declare healing over my body. I asked the Lord, I said, “Lord, what is the root of these migraines? Cause I keep declaring healing, but is there something in me that I’m holding on to and I need to let go of?” He told me the root was stress. 

I was like, “Okay, I’m going to, not choose stress.” I had a job that was a very pressure filled job. I carried a lot of stress from it. I remember the Lord was like,”The root is stress.” I was like, “Okay, I’m going to just push stress out of my life.” So I tried that, right? And it still didn’t work. So I decided, I was like, “Okay, I’m going to fast at the beginning a month, I decided to fast…and God had actually been inviting me to spend my first hour of my day with Him. I would do it sometimes and then fall off the wagon…so I decided in January, 2018 that I was going to fast my first hour of the day with the Lord.  I either would listen to a teaching. I would read my Bible, I’m a worship leader so I would set up my piano and I’d worship. I would just, whatever God wanted to do to drink my coffee and I’d spend time with Him. Sometimes I would just sit there. Through this like morning spending time with Him, and I also fasted from a couple other things, but, I was sitting there and I was listening to this teaching and the teaching was talking about working from rest. What I realized from that teaching is, what God spoke to me, was that stress and anxiety is the absence of peace and rest. So I had been trying to push out stress and anxiety. Instead, what I needed to do was just to fill myself with God’s presence, His peace and rest. 

So what that looked like for me was not starting my day, looking at work emails or answering work texts, or thinking about work or all the things that I needed to do, but I needed to start my day with God. I needed to invite the Holy Spirit into my day. Here’s the thing, I had so many things that I needed to get done, that when I tried to do them in my own strength, I would get migraines and I wouldn’t get it all done. But when I changed and I shifted and I started inviting the Holy Spirit into my day…you know what happened? The migraines left and I got more done than anybody else in the office in one day. It was crazy. I just got so much done and it was so productive because I invited the Holy Spirit into the process with me. From that January, the last time I had a migraine was December 2017. From January 2018 on, I have not had to experience that again. Praise God for that healing!

So today I want to pray specifically for migraines. If you experience headaches and migraine and trauma from that, any trauma from accidents, I just pray for healing right now in the name of Jesus. We say trauma, be gone in the name of Jesus that you have no claim over their body. In Jesus name, we say migraines be lifted and we pray lightness in necks and in heads in Jesus name. We say stress be lifted. Holy spirit, would you fill people with Your presence and with Your peace and with Your rest.  Would You show us how to choose rest and to work from rest and not for it in Jesus name, amen.