Healing From Infertility

Sunday, February 20th, 2022

God knows the desires of my heart, and He blessed us with five beautiful children.
Eddie Tait


Hi, my name is Eddie Tait, and I’m the Associate Leader at Bethel Austin, and I’d like to welcome you to God Today. You know, I’m just reflecting on the blessing of my family and the blessing of what God has done in and through my life. And, you know, I have five amazing girls. They are world changing revivalists that have a heart after God, but that wasn’t in my thoughts or my plans prior to Jesus. I actually didn’t think I’d ever have kids because I was injured when I was a teenager and I was sterile and wasn’t able to have children. And when I met my wife, after I got saved and I met my wife, when you first get into that time of figuring out if you’re going to have that marriage, that life with that person, you know, we began to talk about children and what our desires were for children. And I let her know I’m not able to have children. And she said, well, I’m not either. I have two medical records saying that I can’t have kids. And so we just prayed and agreed that God, if you want us to have children, you’ll do this. You know, you have no limitations, God. And no matter what the doctors have told us, no matter what our life experience has shown us, that we couldn’t have kids, we know that you’re better than that, and you can do whatever you want to do. 

And so really the week before our wedding, my wife went back to her doctor where she got the two medical reports and asked the nurse, “Do you believe that God can still heal?” And a woman said, “Yes”, she was a believer. So she got tested and found out she was healed that she would be able to have kids, which was half of the equation. I didn’t go to the doctor. We just had faith. And we conceived on our wedding night and our first daughter was born. And then our second and our third and our fourth and our fifth. You know, five being a number of grace. It’s like, God graced us with just beautiful, amazing daughters. But see, it was the trust in Him that our hearts’ desires were to have children. I’ve always wanted kids. I just never thought it was possible. I didn’t have the heart to adopt. I love people that have that heart. For me, it just wasn’t something I wanted to do. And God knew the desires of my heart, and He granted them. You know, Psalms says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Delighting in the Lord means to rest in Him, to actually put your attention and focus to Him, to reside in His dwelling. So delighting in Him, just saying, “God, you’re everything.”  He knows the desires of my heart, and He blessed us with five beautiful children. But it’s not just ours. See, I believe that sometimes God will use something in someone’s life to actually catapult them into a place of belief and trust to be able to release that over other people’s lives. And we’ve prayed for probably 30 couples in the last 20 years. And I know for sure, we have at least 20 of those couples that have come back and said that they’d been blessed to have children when they were told they could not. At least 20. There are some that we’ve never heard from. I’ve never remembered anyone coming back and saying they didn’t have a child. Now, does that mean it’s us? No, it means that God did something in us, did something in our hearts, gave us hope for something and in authority in something that we can release over people. But it’s not just us. We’ve had it happen in our church. We’ve had it happen with other families we knew that had prayer from someone else. 

What I want to encourage you with is that this infertility that is sometimes spoken over people is just a word, but leaning into Him, desiring Him, trusting in God can change that. And you can have the desires of your heart. God will grant those because He loves to see healthy families. God-fearing families. He wants to see His name glorified in and through every one of us. So I just want to encourage you that if you’re dealing with infertility, if you’re dealing with discouragement, even in this area, don’t look at the problem. Don’t look at the situation. You’re never going to find the solution in the problem. Look to Him, turn your eyes and affection to Him and let Him become the solution for you. So Father, right now, I just want to bless every person that’s dealing with discouragement with the loss of hope with infertility itself. I bless them right now to receive the touch of heaven that comes from your Holy Spirit, God, and I bless them to be fertile, to be fruitful in Jesus’ Name. God bless you guys.