Knowing God’s Voice

Monday, March 7th, 2022

He will never fail to show you His voice.
Lauren Shields


Hi there. My name is Lauren Shields with the God TV team, and I want to welcome you to God Today. Today, I’m going to be talking to you from John. It’s John 10:27 and it says,”My sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me.” I love this verse, because it proves that we get to seek Him and we get to find Him and He will not fail to lead us. He is a Good Shepherd.

What this does entail though, is it’s a little bit of work on our end, and that looks like getting to know Him.  It’s kind of like whenever you get a phone call from your mom and you know exactly who it is whenever she starts talking, and you are able to converse with her because you know her and you can talk about anything or whatever it may be, because you know them and you trust them. Whereas if somebody you didn’t know called an unknown number and you’re like, “Hello?,” and somebody was like, “You don’t know who this is?” And you’re like, “No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You know, it’s someone that you may not know very well. It’s kind of like that. The more that we get to know who our Father is, having relationship with Him, the more we will know Him, and we will know our next step, maybe, or just doing life with Him will entail so much freedom. And it’s just so much fun because it’s doing life with a best friend.

And so I encourage you today, if you are just someone who, I’ve been here, who is like, I don’t really know the voice of God, I don’t really know how He speaks. The first step I would say to do, is just ask Him, “Hey, God, speak to me.”  And He will never fail to show you His voice. He will never fail to come in. He just comes in like rushing waters. Just feeling His presence in different ways. It could be by feeling, It could be just by knowing something, you could get a picture. There’s so many different ways that He loves to speak to us and that all, it just all comes into us, spending time with Him and getting to know Him.

So I’m going to pray for you today, just in the increase of His voice over your life. Lord, I just thank you for your voice. I thank you that you love to speak to us and you love spending time with us. And while it may not always be this loud parting of the waters and voice over our lives that we can audibly hear, we just thank you for the ways that you love to speak and that it’s fun. And I just thank you God, for the intentionality behind our hearts that we just want to get to know you. And we just thank you for your presence. And we thank you for your voice and just say, Amen.