Do You Feel Safe With God?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

Lift your hands before Him today and say, "I surrender to your goodness, I surrender to your kindness...You have my best in mind."
Brittany Thompson


Hi, my name is Brittany Thompson, and I’m one of the contributors at Relentless Woman with God TV.  Today I want to ask you a question: Do you feel safe with God? I know that immediately, our gut reaction is always, Yes! Of course, I love God. He’s my everything, He’s wonderful. But, I want to just ask you if your actions are lining up with that feeling. Do you really understand, and do you really feel safe in the presence of God?

The presence of God is unpredictable sometimes and can feel out of control, and that’s the beautiful and difficult thing about it sometimes. I’ve found that there are moments in my life where I have had these encounters with the Lord that I didn’t know how to process, and I didn’t know how to actually relate to Him in that way. And when He came in the way that He decided to show up in that moment, I felt like this is unknown and I’m not sure where I fit in here, I’m not sure if it’s safe. And so I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, and they were talking about worship and they were saying, you know, when we go into the presence of God, we lift our hands as an act of surrender. And when you lift your hands, when you do this, when you’re surrendering, there’s literally nothing in your hands, right? And so the reality is that you can’t be hiding anything here. You can’t be hiding a weapon. And when they said that, it really struck me because the reality was, is that the Lord said to me, “When you lift your hands like that, you’re saying, I don’t need a weapon because I feel safe here,” and I began to process that. I began to think about that. I began to use that as I was worshiping the Lord, and when I began to lift my hands to Him in open surrender, it was amazing. The things that He began to say to me, because when you don’t have anything in your hands, when you have nothing of this world, no baggage, no weapon, nothing to defend yourself, you’re literally just saying, I surrender completely to you.  When you surrender, the love of God is invasive at that point. It is amazing how enveloping it can be.

So I want to encourage you today that if you have not surrendered fully to the love of God, make it a point to lift your hands before Him today and say, “I surrender. I surrender to your goodness. I surrender to your kindness. I surrender to your perfect will for my life. And I do not need to protect myself from you, God. You have my best in mind.”

Let’s pray. God, I thank you that you are safe, that you protect us and that you are kind and you are good. I thank you that we do not need to protect ourselves from you, but that we can enter into a moment of surrender, fully knowing that when we come out on the other side, that you are going to crown us with your loving kindness and clothe us in your righteousness and your beauty. God, I thank you that today is a great day for us to welcome you 100% into our lives, and allow your goodness and your mercy to be evident everywhere we go today. Amen.