A Testimony Of Healing

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

God's the One who heals. He's the Healer, but the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you and I.
Sarah Crockett


Hi, my name is Sarah Crockett and I’m part of the GOD TV team. And I’d like to welcome you to God Today. Today, I want to share a testimony about healing that I had the privilege of being a part of, and then I want to pray and release that healing over you today. 

So, I was on the prayer line at church, this was a couple months ago, and this guy came up and he had crutches. And, you know, you always want to ask, what do you want prayer for?  We don’t want to assume, right? But we asked what he wanted prayer for, and he said he wanted prayer for his knee and just had surgery. They had put wires in his knee and reconstructed it in some way. And he told us that a couple of days before that, he had tried, they told him he couldn’t put weight on it for two weeks. And it’d only been three days since surgery, and he had tried to put weight on it and he fell over onto the couch. And so I always love when I’m praying for people is just to ask the Holy Spirit, how should I pray for this person? And then their requests. And so I just, the Holy Spirit just started speaking to me about his heart and we just started praying the Father’s love over this man. And, you could feel the Presence of God coming over him and in the space where we were praying, it was just a really cool time. And as we did that, we did that for a few minutes and then we spoke to his knee and we just declared that God would do a creative miracle in his knee. And so we prayed in faith. You know, we just pray in faith. God’s the one who heals, He’s the Healer, but the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you and I. And so we can, by faith, release that power that lives inside of us, and our job is to pray. His job is to heal. 

And so we just released that by faith. And then we asked him to test it and he could like actually lean on it. And we’re like, oh my gosh! And he’s like, hold on. And he handed the crutches over to somebody. And, he started walking around the sanctuary and it was like, he tested it a little bit more. And he was like completely healed. I’m talking about, he had had surgery within a week and like wires and everything, and he wasn’t supposed to put weight on it. And it hadn’t even been a whole week when we prayed for him. And that man walked out of church that night with his crutches in his hands. Amen? That’s powerful. That’s God at work in and through people that just believe by faith. 

And so I want to pray for you right now, two things. Holy spirit, I ask that you would just release a grace over, that He would release a grace over you right now to just pray in faith that you would cross the chicken line and that you would do your job in stepping out and praying for the impossible, and that as you do that, you would see God’s resurrection power flow through you. And that He would heal, that He would set free, that He would, that He would, bring in the harvest and even release provision, whatever it is you’re praying for that you would just act, you would just in faith, pray and allow God the opportunity to show up. I also want to pray that if you have any, you’ve had surgery and you’re watching this, it doesn’t matter if you’re watching this right after we filmed it or three years from now, God is not constrained by time. And so, I just release healing over those of you that have had surgery. And I just command a supernatural, creative miracle in your body right now, and that you would even test it and that you would see like, what did God do? And if He does anything, like if you can move your hand a little bit more than you could, five minutes ago before we prayed, let us know what’s happening. We want to focus on what God is doing and celebrate that and it’ll grow. Amen?

And so if you have a testimony, I want you to email us at [email protected] and let us know what God’s doing in your life. As you’re watching these testimonies. Amen.