Ministering To The Sick

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

See, when you got born again, you got the healing anointing in you.
Dr Nasir Siddiki


Welcome to God Today. This is Dr. Nasir Siddiki of I have a word to share with you about ministering to the sick. Ministering to the sick. Let’s go to this scripture in the book of Mark 16:17, “These signs will accompany those who believe.”  Believe who? The believers believe in Jesus. You and me. “These signs will accompany those who believe. In my name they’ll drive out demons, they’ll speak in new tongues, they’ll pick up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them. They will lay their hands on the sick and the sick will recover.”

Wow.  See, when you got born again, you go to the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.  That means you got the healing anointing in you. There are many, many Christians today that are sick. They have the healing anointing in them, but they don’t understand how to activate that anointing. They are running from ministry line, to ministry line, to healing line, never realizing that the anointing to heal them was in them all the time. It says, “They will lay hands.” Now, you and I cannot heal anybody. We are not the healer, but we are the hand layer.  If you do not lay your hands on anybody and ask Jesus to heal them, nothing is going to happen.

Every time a pain comes into my neck or my head or my shoulder or any part of my body, I lay hands on myself.  I command that sickness to leave in the Name of Jesus. I command that part of the body to line up with the word of God.  Not “going to be healed,” was healed 2,000 years ago, because my Lord and Savior carried every sickness an disease and I release the same anointing into that part of my body, to bring total and complete restoration that went to the woman with the issue of blood.  That same anointing is in you. You and I can lay hands.

Well, we will lay hands on the Christians.  I have news for you. Jesus never, ever healed one Christian. No, no, no.  He healed sinners. You can lay hands on Christians, but you can also lay hands on sinners.  That anointing will flow and they will get healed. Remember you’re the hand layer and people around you are staying sick, because you have not chosen to lay hands on anybody.  You can do that; the anointing and the power is in you.

Let’s pray.  I thank you Holy Spirit, Sir, you give that revelation to every person at the sound of my voice.  That they understand that they are the hand layer, not the healer. But, if they will lay the hand and command the sickness to go, and command that body to line up and be whole and complete, that anointing will cause the sick (whether they are Christians or not) to be well.  I thank you for this revelation. Burn it into our heart so we live it every day of our lives. We ask this now in Jesus’ Name. Amen.