The Fruit of the Spirit

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

I think heart reflection is important...filling those places back with the fruit of the Spirit that God has given us.
Grant Berry


Hi, I’m Grant Berry, author and founder of Reconnecting Ministries.  Welcome to God Today. I want to to share a personal experience that I had in my own walk that related to the fruit of the Spirit.  You know, we know the fruit of the Spirit. It’s a beautiful scripture. The joy, the peace, the forbearance, the kindness, love, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  But, what did we do with the fruits? I want to challenge you this morning to think about inviting the fruit of the Spirit into your daily walk. You know how I do that?  I do that, actually, when I am struggling with something. When I am searching my heart in my devotional time and trying to get free and hold on to that peace and that joy.  Let’s say I am struggling with doubt, for example. What is the opposite of doubt? In the Spirit, it would be faith. So, I would confess doubt, I’d repent of it. But, then I would invite the fruit of faith into my spirit.  Sometimes I feel it coming into me and filling that place. This is a teaching that the Holy Spirit has brought into my life personally to gain more victory over every day.

I think it is so important as we are walking in these times, in order for us to be light and to be strength to other people, we have got to be strong ourselves.  I think heart reflection is important, but it isn’t all about breaking off and dealing with the things that are there. It is filling those places back with the fruit of the Spirit that God has given us.  To have that joy, to have that peace that is so rightfully ours, but that we need, sometimes, to fight to protect. Would you allow me to say a prayer this morning? Father, I just pray that you would help us, you would increase our revelation, our insight, and our connection to how we work with the fruit of your Spirit.  That we could maintain great victory as we go through the day in the spirit of the Lord. I pray a blessing upon all of you that are listening to this message this morning. I pray a blessing upon you through the ruach, through the love of Yeshua to find greater victory, and to experience those beautiful fruits of the Spirit – can be ours.  God bless you.